Vijay's father SAC lands in a controversy.PR Handout

Filmmaker SA Chandrasekhar is facing an allegation from a lesser-known member of the Tamil Film Producer Council named Mani Maran. The latter has filed a complaint against the former at the Chennai Police Commissioner of cheating Rs 21 lakh.

According to Mani Maran, SA Chandrasekhar, father of Tamil actor Vijay, had taken Rs 21 lakh to release his movie Traffic Ramasamy, last year, but he has failed to repay the amount with its interest even a year after the film's release.

Speaking with the media, Mani Maran alleged that he has taken up the issue on behalf of his NRI friend Brahmanandam Subramaniam. He claims that SA Chandrasekhar had promised them of returning the amount, but has not kept his word, forcing him to file the complaint.

He accuses that SAC spoke with arrogance when him met him over the issue and his tone indicated that Thalapathy's father is already dreaming to see his son as a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. "He behaved as if Vijay as if his son becomes Chief Minister someday,"

Mani Maran further claims that he has all the necessary documents to prove his allegation.

However, SAC has a different story to tell. The veteran filmmaker-actor says that he has been in the industry for four decades and there is no single instance of him cheating anyone.

SAC explains that he had gone to a deal with Brahmanandam Subramaniam and received the money from him. However, the latter backed out of the project at a later date.

The 74-year old says that once a deal fails no one comes forward to buy the rights in Kollywood and Brahmanandam Subramaniam's decision to cancel the deal put Traffic Ramasamy in a big trouble.