Vijay TV's Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru
Vijay TV's Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru.PR Handout

A comedy show called Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru on Vijay TV is receiving flak on social media after it took potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Budding artistes Sivabalan and Bhuvaneshwari performed a political satire on the show in the presence of special guest Seeman, a filmmaker and politician.

On the show, the anchor tells the queen that the 'Maharaja' was out of the country to which she immediately replies, "It only shocks when he is in the country and not outside the country," taking an indirect dig at Prime Minister Modi's frequent foreign trips.

The anchor also tells her that the 'Maharaja' asked her to look after the country in his absence. She quips, "It has become a habit for him to post something on Twitter, wear his sweater and leave."

The one-liners have left the audience and Seeman in splits.

However, when an artiste playing a businessman made a remark on the Hindi imposition, it irked many on the social media. The businessman asks the queen, "Tamil Nadu? Isn't your 'nadu' (country) India?" The queen hits back at him saying, "it was earlier, but we have changed following the attempts to make it 'Hindia'"

The show not only took potshots at the BJP but also mocked the Dravidian parties. 

Meanwhile, #WeHateVijayTV started trending on Twitter as many people including supporters of BJP and Narendra Modi slammed the channel for its controversial content.

Scroll down to check some of the comments on Twitter:

‏#WeHateVijayTV - Completely anti-national.
Hello @Ra_THORe @smritiirani ji, how are you permitting this? This video is from Vijay TV (Tamil). Speaks passively about separate Tamil Nation. Mocks PM in a derogatory way, I would not want to speak here. Any action?

Ajith kumar
A very stupid show by Vijay TV insulting our Prime minister Modi ji . Vijay TV have gone to a low level.

SenthilKumar AK
It's missionary funded Tv #WeHateVijayTv

Krishnakumar L
Vijay TV should probe how such a show was permitted. Can they think of such shows with other leaders? So the central government is indeed very fair . But people will lose respect for this TV. Playing to separate Tamilnadu is unacceptable.

Sai Sakthi
Why can't I&B ministry take action on these channel. Time to have censor board also. All tamil news channels should be banned as they spread fake news n provacative.

#WeHateVijayTV shame on u anti indian TV channel, anti Hindu, anti BJp @rammadhavbjp @rajnathsingh @narendramodi_in

Krishnakumar Raman
It is nothing but a #BreakingIndia agent. #WeHateVijayTv
Vijay TV is a pro Christian channel. It promotes anti India activities. #WeHateVijayTv

Book @vijaytvshows in sedition charges. #WeHateVijayTV. Looks like this separatists attitude is a by product of panel and trying to impress #Seeman. Foreign funded Vijay TV. Must check the funds