Sunita Gogoi
Sunita Gogoi has spoken about the accident where it was rumoured that she was driving under the influence.Sunita Gogoi Facebook

Television and TV actress Sunita Gogoi was reportedly involved in an accident. A video of the accident has made its way online and the clip shows Gogoi struggling to calm the situation.

Looking at the video, many had felt that Gogoi, who made her debut with Vijay TV's Jodi No 1 Season 4,  had rammed into a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Now, the actress has come out to give a clarification that she was not drunk driving.

Speaking to Behindwoods, the Maan Vettai girl has stated that she was not driving the car at the first place, while admitting that it was her driver's fault. "First of all, I was not drunk and I was not even driving the car. In fact, I don't know how to drive a car and I don't even hold a license. I always have a driver and I ensure he was not drunk as well. I was sleeping in the backseat of my car post my tiring schedule in Vellore when the accident took place," she is quoted as saying by the website.

Suntia claims that she was heckled as soon as she got out of her vehicle.

"The way the public received me was very shocking to me. I know very little Tamil and hence I was shocked about what was happening and unable to understand them. 

"Everyone started shooting videos on the spot and the only reason I did not respond much is that I didn't understand what was happening due to the language barrier which they all assumed was because I was drunk. I tried explaining but, was left helpless," she adds.

The actress ends on the note that no one was hurt in the incident and wonders why people made so much of hue and cry about it.

The actress was returning from Vellore to Chennai after a wrapping up a shooting schedule.