Kiran Bedi was the first female Indian Police Service officer and remains a role model for millions of people. Actresses across the country have taken her as an inspiration when doing the role of cops.

Vidya Malvade and Kiran Bedi
Vidya Malvade and Kiran Bedi.PR Handout

Vidya Malvade too Takes Inspiration from Bedi
Now, Vidya Malvade, who is enacting the role of police officer in web series Kaali 2, too has is seeking inspiration from Kiran Bedi, who is now the Governor of Puducherry. However, the actress has expressed her surprise over the makers' decision to approach her for the role.

"I was actually wondering how they (the makers) thought of casting me because physicality-wise and even otherwise I've never done something like this. So I really give credit to (the director duo) Rohan (Ghose) and Auritro (Sen) for imagining me as a cop. For me, Auritro and Rohan had a vision and I had to translate it. So, as preparation, I took the character from the directors and moulded her into what I thought would be her. As a go-back, I checked on Kiran Bedi and all the videos I could find of high-ranking lady police officers," the actress is quoted as saying by the IANS.

According to her, the offer came her way a week before the commencement of the shooting. "I went to Kolkata a day prior and did my costume trials. So it was really crazy till the time I finished reading and brushing up on my character, because I had very little time," the actress said.

Kaali 2 is a crime thriller which has Paoli Dam in the lead. Rahul Banerjee, Chandan Roy and others are part of the cast.

Vidya Malvade started her career with Inteha in 2003 and came to limelight with like Shah Rukh Khan's Chak De India. She has been part of close to 20 movies, till date.