A video featuring Swara Bhaskar expressing her fear of missing her name in NRC and Sadhguru's answer is going viral on social media. Many peopled shamed for lying after enjoying all the luxuries of the country.

Swara Bhaskar is one of the frontrunners of the anti-CAA protest. The actress was recently asked about whether is afraid of NRC. She replied, "Yes! I am afraid because I don't have a degree. I don't have a birth certificate. I don't have papers of my father's and grandfather's land. What if my name goes missing from NRC?"

The video featuring her concern went viral with many trolling Swara Bhaskar for her ignorance and lie. They asked her she has been traveling to foreign countries all these years, paying income tax and has bank accounts. Without having any of the documents, how can she enjoy all the luxuries of life? An unknown person merged the video of her question and Sadhguru's answer for it.

Swara Bhaskar
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"This is for everybody. Both you and I have to register for it. They are giving you various options like birth certificate, school footprints, ration card, Aadhaar card and voters ID. If you can't anyone of them, then who the hell are you? If you don't have any of these things, then produce three witnesses, who know you over a period of time. If you don't produce it too, who are you?" Sadhguru is seen asking and laughing in the video.

This merged video has been creating ripples on social media ever since it hit the internet. Many shared the clip and mocked Swara Bhaskar. Here is what people on Twitter saying about the actress hitting a new low of her life.


Thakur SR @Sitathkr

#swarabhaskar If you don't have any ID proof, Then it is matter of shame !for you because you are earning crores from this country, but you don't have pan card , voter ID card driving licence !! and not filling income tax because you don't have any id proof. #IncomeTaxDepartment

Sajeeta Sarangi Tripathy @TripathySajeeta

#swarabhaskar If you don't have any proof of being Indian citizen,then you have no right to comment on #CAA #CAA_NRC

Dessie Aussie ♂️ @uttampatel

Swara BHAS KAR tu ab BAS KAR #SwaraBhaskar dnt have ID proofs means havnt dn schooling &completely illiterate, may b studied in madarsa where no ID required Travelling oversease with dodgy passport Definitely nt paying tax,as dont hv PAN @CPVIndia & @IncomeTaxIndia pls take a note

సయి कुमार Yadav @SaiKumar4789

The irony is her father worked in the Indian Navy, but she is claiming she didn't have any documents. Whom you are making fool. #SwaraBhaskar #DontProvokeMuslims Stop telling lies. Drama Band karo

Debojit Nath(Dev) @Deb24Dn

Bollywood most idiot & underrated actress #SwaraBhaskar Travel to Italy with out passport..i Didn't understand 1 thing How can it's possible ?? @ReallySwara Aunty Ma v Bina Password k Dusra Desh ma Jana chaha ta hu..To is k Liya muja Kiya korna poraga ??

Sharma RS @sharmars003

She looks honestly upset, but then, I've learned that I can't read @ReallySwara her. The problem with a really excellent liar #SwaraBhaskar is that you have to just assume they're always lying.

Kirti Tiwari @ikirtitiwari

Failed Actress #SwaraBhaskar recently said that how will she prove her citizenship when she doesn't have PAN, Passport or other things! But she regularly calls up her agent through her Mobile Phone & books tickets for Foreign Travel & calls her CA & files Income Tax Returns!

AmAn MisHra BJP @officialamanmis

Stupid Wing Of #UrbanNaxals Award goes to Miss @ReallySwara ... Congratulations... #SwaraBhaskar 0:34

Fr00gie @TheFroogie

#SwaraBhaskar :- mere pass meri degree nahi h, birth certificate nahi hai, kuch nahi hai...!!

Me:- Then how #SwaraBhaskar can use her Bank Accounts?

How she can go out of India?

How she can able to work in bollywood?


AmAn MisHra @officialamanmis

Stupid Wing Of #UrbanNaxals Award goes to Miss @ReallySwara... Congratulations... #SwaraBhaskar

Madhu Ballekere @ballekere_madhu

#SwaraBhaskar @ReallySwara one who didn't shown up any documents till days but still luxury life, barking at her best..Shameful lady of the decade

Only Indian @0nlyIndian

#SwaraBhaskar doesn't have a Birth certificate Adhaar card Driving license College degree Passport Any Property papers Then she is intruder