(Picture for representation) The monkey pulled down the tourist's top while it was climbing onto her.Creative Commons

A video of monkey from a Chinese zoo has gone viral on social media as the primate has a strong resemblance to a human face.

In the video, a black small monkey is seen sitting close to the glass wall of the enclosure and looking for something on the ground. But when it looks up, we get to see its face clearly and it looks very similar to that of a human being.

The expression on its face, with its mouth and eyes wide open, seemed very close to a distressed man's expression.

Zheng Kaijie who visited the zoo on March 18 told MailOnline that the primate belonged to the Tianjin Zoological Gardens. 

"It is in the 'primates building' of the zoo and staying with another monkey. The other monkey looks fine but this one is very human-like," said Kaijie, as reported by the website.

The video was shared several times on Sina Weibo - Chinese microblogging website and even the hashtag "monkey with a man's face" was trending.

While filming the video, visitors were heard laughing hard seeing the monkey's "horrified" expression.

Check the video here:

Of late, some pictures of animals looking like humans have been doing the rounds on the internet.

A pet dog named Yogi, who is a mix of Shih Tzu-poodle breeds, cracked up the internet last week. People could just not get over the dog's human face.