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Arnab GoswamiWikimedia Commons / Debastein

A video featuring Kunal Kamra's verbal assault on Arnab Goswami on a flight has gone viral and is creating ripples on social media. Many people are praising the Republic TV owner for his tolerance.

Kunal Kamra, who is a stand-up comedy, said that he met Arnab Goswami on a flight. He tweeted today, "Met Arnab Goswami on a flight & gave him a monologue about his 'journalism' All he did was call me mentally unstable & after sometime I had no choice but to return to my seat. The entire flight I'll keep pretending to use the loo just to tell him he's a piece of SHIT F*CK Arnab

Kunal Kamra tweeted the 1.51-minute-long video and he captioned it with "I did this for my hero... I did it for Rohit." In this clip, the comedian repeatedly calls Arnab Goswami a coward and he also uses cuss words often. He says that he insulted Rohit Vemula, who completed suicide, by talking about his caste. While he verbally assaults him, Arnab is staring at his laptop. He neither looks at him nor responds.

How people responded to Kunal Kamra's video:

Tuhin A. Sinha @tuhins

Kudos #ArnabGoswami for showing immense restraint n maturity in dealing with this unstable tragi-comedian. The creep tried extra hard to create a tamasha but failed miserably. @republic

Lotus @HittsVora

Hats off to #ArnabGoswami 4 keeping his cool under this verbal assault on a flight by @kunalkamra88! @IndiGo6E @HardeepSPuri ji this kind of harassment by a mentally unstable man 2 a passenger on a flight mid air is dangerous 2 say the least! @MumbaiPolice take action. @republic

Paresh Rawal fan @Babu_Bhaiyaa

Just saw that video of that alleged comedian where he is insulting & abusing Arnab Goswami on flight. That is not good man. Whatever your ideology.. have some decency. Hats off to #ArnabGoswami for showing that tolerance & patience. That was sickkk!!

Harsh Lapsia @harshlapsia

@IndiGo6E how do you allow this nonsense on your flights? This is harassment of the worst kind. Hope @HardeepSPuri and team take strong note of this. Kudos to #ArnabGoswami for showing tremendous restraint in the face of this termite.

Common Man @CommonSense___

By ignoring #kunalkamra Arnab just did what wise men have said. Well done #ArnabGoswami

Rahul Pathak @RahulPathakom

Kunal Kamra abusing #ArnabGoswami Both shows there class.. Arnab didn't give a damn to this "Comedian" @GovindPathak7

Aakash Dutt Sharma @duttsthewayy

#ArnabGoswami who is a disgrace to the very idea of journalism, and shouts his guts out on his channel, ironically chose silence on a neutral battlefield with a common man named @kunalkamra88. Arnab, I just wish Karma gets you soon. Else, Kamra surely will. #Jabkamrametarnab.

Akash Banerjee @TheDeshBhakt

Yesterday it was #DeepakChaurasia Today its #ArnabGoswami Imagine if news anchors start facing this reality check - every time they step out of their studios?

ಪಾರ್ಥ @ManjuKB182

This will go on to be a Epic seen ever. Kudos @kunalkamra88 for taking this risk and talking heart out. Let this MF understand that he just spit 1hr venom every night. #ArnabGoswami