Swine flu
[Representational Image] A nurse carries masks and medicine outside the influenza A (H1N1) ward in Mumbai May 2, 2009.Reuters

A shocking CCTV footage has emerged online that shows two nurses dumping an "unwanted patient" outside Hospital Number 4 in Sochi, Russia. The cruel nurses have been fired after the video surfaced online.

The CCTV footage shows the two nurses taking the man out of the hospital in a wheelchair and dumping him in a corner near a parked vehicle. Another video shows the patient lying on the ground with blood wound on his leg.

The incident took place in Sochi, a city in Russia that is set to host FIFA World Cup 2018. The video has caused outrage in the Black Sea resort, Mail Online reported.

Marina Vartazaryan, a local healthcare chief, said the nurses have been fired and the chief doctor of the hospital is being probed.

"We strictly condemn the actions of these nurses. Of course, every patient may refuse to have medical treatment, this is a right, but this must be a written demand. The nurses have been fired," she said, according to Mail Online.

The nurses said that the man wanted to leave the hospital and even said that his friend was waiting for him, but the friend didn't arrive.

However, after the investigation, it was revealed that the nurses intentionally dumped him to get rid of the patient as they thought he was difficult to deal with.

A witness said that he even spoke to the nurses, but one of them responded saying, "Take him home if you want. We don't need him."

The patient was later taken to the same hospital after locals called the emergency services.

Earlier, a nurse mocked a dying patient in a Russian hospital and played games with the patient's body parts. The incident, which happened on January 4, highlighted the disturbing trend of medical staff abusing the vulnerable and elderly.