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Risks involving the sport of boxing, or any combat sport as such, are coming to light in a greater way following the death of ex-UFC fighter Tim Hague via a brain hemorrhage on Sunday. 

Now, news have come in that just 24 hours following Hague's fight against Adam Braidwood in Canada, Argentine boxer Saul Peralta, only 27, slipped into a coma soon after receiving huge blows in his boxing match against Elias Araujo on Saturday night in Santa Fe.

It took two knockdowns in the sixth round of the fight for the referee to intervene and stop the fight. By then, the damage was done.

That looked relatively better than Hague's boxing bout, where the referee stopped the fight after as many as six knockdowns. 

"He's still in a serious condition, in a coma, with a respirator, now the sedatives have been removed to see how he reacts, if not convulsing," mentioned Peralta's wife, who also acted as a cornerman during the fight for her husband.

Peralta's opponent was far experienced than him. As opposed to the Argentine's nine wins and five losses record, Araujo had a 15-0 record.