As the coronavirus continues to spread its wreck on one side, the public on the other hand cannot stop being panicked and ends up in massive stockpiling from essential stores and markets. This includes all major food items, fruits and veggies, sanitisers, tissue rolls, and toilet papers.

As the number of countries inducing strict lockdown measures increase per day, people are left highly panicked. This, in one way, forces them to hit the markets, hoarding the essential items, leading to scuffles and fights at many stores.

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In view of the rising demand for the necessary items, some stores have also started charging exorbitant prices, higher than the Maximum Retail Price (MRPs).

Meanwhile, most of the British food retailers have appealed to the public to stop panic buying amid reports of bare shelves at supermarkets across the country.

The elderly woman begs to stop this act

In the viral video, 92-year-old Lillian Chew, has urged the panic-buyers to think about those in care homes. In an emotional appeal, Lillian, herself in a care home has asked the hoarders to show refrain while purchasing things from the supermarket.

92 year woman
92 year woman begs

"I beg all you people out there, who are going out and clearing the shelves of everything, to think about us in care homes and these poor, poor people that are on their own and can't get anybody to help them, " requests the poor lady in her quivering voice.

Looking straight into the camera, Lillian directly asks shoppers to think about those like herself and 'these poor, poor people that are on their own', who are also in need of essentials during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lillian's video, which has been given the hashtag #ListentoLillian, comes at a time when supermarkets have been forced to put aside designated shopping hours for elderly shoppers and limits to restrict stock-piling. Her message, recorded on 16 March, received thousands of replies with many echoing Lillian's requests.