Georgia Fowler
Georgia FowlerGeorgia Fowler Official Instagram (georgia fowler)

Georgia Fowler sure knows how to have fun. The Victoria's Secret Angel showed off her enviable figure as she went crazy in a bathroom while filming herself in some skimpy swimwear.

Georgia was reportedly frolicking off the island of St. Barts. The Victoria's Secret model, had apparently, stripped down to a lilac bikini and looked nothing short of flawless. The brunette has been holidaying on the Caribbean island as she celebrates her model pal Devon Windsor's wedding to Johnny 'Dex' Barbara.

Now watching Devon get married might have sparked old dormant feelings for Georgia. Georgia told Stellar Magazine that she has been at times 'lonely' in her jet-setting lifestyle. 'I'm never really in one place, which makes it hard to find a boyfriend,' the model confessed.

She added that when she moved to New York as a 16-year-old in order to boost her career, it was an isolating experience.

'[I was lonely] all the time. It definitely wasn't easy at the beginning; it was a real push and struggle,' she said.

Georgia Fowler
Georgia FowlerGeorgia Fowler Official Instagram (georgiafowler)

Georgia said she also finds it difficult to meet people as she is a homebody who prefers sitting on the couch when she is home in New York and not working.

'And you're not going to find [a boyfriend] on the couch, right?' she joked.

Georgia Fowler is known for taking her fitness seriously. The model is apparently known for her rigorous diets and fitness regime, which includes working out seven days a week and regular sessions inside infrared saunas. Apparently, she keeps in Victoria's Secret Angel shape by mixing her routine up as she enjoys everything from Pilates to yoga to boxing classes. She is even careful with her diet which usually includes raw fats, dark green vegetable, limited dairy and no processed foods. The model takes her beauty and fitness regimen so seriously that before a Victoria's Secret show, the model steers clear of alcohol, sugar and even fruit in a bid to avoid bloating. You can check out the video here: