As we are all waiting for the lockdown to get lifted and get back to the regular grind, we are passing our quarantine days either by watching shows on OTT or watching television. If you want to know some latest gossip about your favorite actor Vicky Kaushal then you don't have to wait for the lockdown to be lifted.

Vicky will be seen on a chat show Starry Nights Gen Y with Komal Nath where he spoke about his struggle, how he paved his way to success and spills the beans on working at par with his contemporaries Rajkummar Rao and Ayushmann Khurrana.

Raj and vicky

On his struggling days

My mom and dad made it very clear when we were growing up that they are going to provide us with all the necessities but never with luxuries. That is something that Sunny and I had to earn ourselves. I always wanted to become an actor and I remember the first time I said to myself that I wanted to be an actor, it wasn't a full stop, it was a question mark.

On daily allowances

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My allowance in my early days was 600/- a month which came up to 20/-a day. A life lesson learnt in my upbringing and hence whatever I earn now, it's really special to me and I hold onto it.

Vicky bumped at Rajkummar Rao during auditions

I used to feel that if I have bumped into Rajkumar Rao at the auditions, I know I'm not getting the part.

About his fellow actor Ayushman Khurrana

Vicky and Ayush

With Ayushmann, his selection of scripts and the way he has just moulded a niche for himself is absolutely amazing. It's a dream for every actor.

On his success mantra

Now I stand on the same platform as the people I used to look up to and that for me is my biggest milestone.

Vicky Kaushal

Catch the entire tete-a-tete with Vicky Kaushal this Sunday.