Veteran Kannada cinematographer SV Srikanth, who worked with many greats of Sandalwood that includes Dr Rajkumar, has passed away on Thursday, 7 May, at his residence in Bengaluru. He was aged 87 and survived by his wife and son.

SV Srikanth Dies
SV Srikanth, aged 87, worked in many Sandalwood greats.PR Handout

He was born in Maddur in Mandya district. After completing degree in Bachelor of science, he started working as a photographer in Mysuru. He then worked in Bollywood movies as a camera operator and gradually became an independent cinematographer. He worked in over 70 movies.

A close aide of legendary Sandalwood filmmaker Puttanna Kanagal, SV Srikanth Best Cinematographer from the state government for the movies like Gejjepooje, Margadarshi and Upasane.

He was part of many Dr Rajkumar's notable movies like Babruvahana, Premamayi, Ashrutarpana, Jeevana Chaitra, Akasmika, Sakshatkara, Trimurthi, etc.

It has to be noted that he had also worked in Hindi movies like Haisiyat and Wafadar. His skills of capturing two characters (dual roles) in one frame was much appreciated in the black-and-white era.

Dr Rajkumar

"I worked with SV Srikanth in Jeevana Chaitra. He was very close to Dorai and Dr Rajkumar. He was a good man and fantastic at work," recalls filmmaker Bhagawan.

He was expert in capturing handling dual characters in one frama during the black-and-white cinema days.