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Naga Chaitanya and Venkatesh's Venky Mama continued its dream run at the worldwide box office in its second week, taking its 13- day collection to Rs 60 crore gross mark. It has almost broken even and set to turn hit.

Having opened to good response, Venky Mama collected Rs 49.70 crore gross at the worldwide box office in the first week. In its second week, the movie clashed with two hyped Telugu films like Ruler and Prathi Roju Pandage and Hindi movie Dabangg 3, which hit the screens on December 20. Many were keeping their fingers crossed about its prospects at the ticket counters this week.

But Venky Mama remained rock-steady and went on to collect Rs 8.10 crore gross at the worldwide box office in six days of its second week. Its 13-day total collection has reached Rs 57.80 crore gross and it has become one of the highest-grossing movies for Naga Chaitanya and Victory Venkatesh. As per early trends on the film is expected to surpass Rs 60 crore gross in the next couple of days.

Made on a budget of Rs 45 crore, Venky Mama earned Rs 36 crore for its producers from the sale of its global theatrical rights. The movie has reportedly earned Rs 33.67 crore for its distributors in 13 days. The film has recovered 93.52 percent of their investment so far and it set returning the remaining amount in the coming days.

Venky Mama
Venky MamaTwitter

The area-wise earnings

Here are the area-wise earnings of Venky Mama and the prices of its theatrical rights. These numbers are based on various sources and may not match with actual details released by its makers/distributors. All the figures are in rupees and crore.

Area Rights Earnings
Nizam 8.60 10.92
Ceded 5.40 4.42
Vizag 4.30 4.45
East 2.90 2.14
West 2.50 1.32
Krishna 2.70 1.65
Guntur 3.20 2.11
Nellore 1.40 0.93
AP/TS Total 31.00 27.94
Rest of India 2.60 2.58
Overseas 2.40 3.15
Global Total 36.00 33.67