Veena Malik
Veena MalikTwitter

People in social media condemned Pakistani actress Veena Malik and reminded her of Ashmit Patel and Swara Bhaskar after she showed her middle finger to Indian Army on Twitter.

The Indian Army deployed thousands of extra troops to the Valley after Intelligence sources said that terrorists were trying to infiltrate into India and carry out a terror strike on Amarnath pilgrims. Indian Air Force transported pilgrims and tourists out of Kashmir to two destinations to avoid loss of any human life.

This sudden development created panic in Jammu and Kashmir and also fueled speculation that it is an imminent abrogation of Article 35A of the Constitution. Many people from Pakistan condemned it and Veena Malik Khan is one of those people. She tweeted a photo featuring her showing her middle finger and also wrote, "To The Indian Brutality In Kashmir #IndianarmyinKashmir #indianArmy."

Veena Malik became popular with her stint inside the house of Bigg Boss 4, which got her several offers from Indian cinema. She was infamous for her relationship with Ashmit Patel. She has made it really big in India, but after her marriage, she has started ranting against the country.

Veena Malik trolled
Veena Malik trolledTwitter

Veena Malik has a huge fan following across India, as she has worked Hindi, Kannada and Telugu films. But her many fans are upset with her recent post against the country and they have trolled her several times. Her latest degrading post against Indian Army angered many of her followers further. This is how they reacted to her latest post.

Rishi Bagree @rishibagree

The real brutality was when you were washing Ashmit Patel's Undergarments for 2 months in #BiggBoss

Pooja Singh  @ThePoojaSingh1

Paise ko liye India me Ashmit Patel ke kachchhe tak dho kr gyi hai Bhikharan. Ab BC to dekho bhikharan ki

RiseOfBurnol @RiseofBurnol

I didn't get it? To Indian brutality what? Swara Bhaskar? Thoda clear bolo

Scar @RAC7R

Ashmit ne jo brutality ki tumhare saath uske Baad yahi use krna padd rha hoga tumhe ✌️

Indian SM warrior @Ruthlessindia

Dont come to India again begging for work in Bollywood and washing underwear of Ashmit Patel

Swarna Mishra @Swarna80945809

Girl u hv forgotten the same finger was used to u by our heros n directors coz we HV seen bigg Boss n Ur consent to a man for using his fingers on u .. shows Ur character .

Veena Malik trolled
Veena Malik trolledTwitter

Dilbert Einstein @EinsteinDilbert

@ReallySwara Swara uses her own finger. She does not need you. Try @ImranKhanPTI he might need it.

Atul Ahuja @atulahuja_

Don't do with finger, use vibrator.Bhikario nahi hai to vo bhi @ReallySwara bhej degi.

partha @Partha_indian

What best can Pakis do apart from things like this. BTW we have shown u the same long ago dear jobless scum.

चाचा lame मौंक @oldschoolmonk

Came here to see " Tu Ashmit ke kachche dhoti thi" waale comments. Wasn't disappointed

#NRCForSecureIndia @ganeshcshekar

Oh Baby... your 4 BAT men (cowards) whose butt you tinkered are laying dead... Enjoy doing more of it and we will send yo the dead bodies and you do more pissfully for they wont leave your bed ever

Vinod Bhatt @bh40701373

LOL ..Terrorist you love that finger always , it will help you to ease with your itch between your stinking cracks  (baloochistan)