Bigg Boss Kannada 7
Bigg Boss Kannada season 7.PR Handout

The views and perception around the inmates in a show like Bigg Boss will constantly change. A participant who appeared to be good at some time might end up becoming an unpopular contestant in a matter of a week.

Changing Perception
Every single act and behaviour will keep the viewers' view on the inmates changed, constantly. It is proving again in the ongoing seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada. Vasuki, who was unanimously loved by the audience till last week, is now being loathed by fans.

Similarly, Bhoomi Shetty, who had impressed the viewers in the first two weeks, is losing all the good name that she earned till now. In the last two weeks, her popularity has taken a huge beating and she is now being called the "drama queen" of the house.

It all started with her fights with Priyanka. She wept on a few occasions for silly reasons and this sent out a message to the viewers of making a mountain of a molehill. Her friendship with Vasuki and her advise to him to stay away from Chandana are apparently backfiring her and it is also affecting him.

Chandan Achar Gaining Momentum
The biggest gainer in terms of public support is undoubtedly Chandan Achar. Although he was considered an irritating contestant, he is gaining people's love and sympathy because of his hard work in tasks in Bigg Boss Kannada house.

The inmates, on numerous occasions, have been rude towards him and verbally attacked him. This is working in his favour as he is winning the sympathy votes. People are now drawing comparison with him and Pratham, the winner of Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada 4.

Check out select few comments posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook about the three contestants:

stuthitweeting20: dayvittu ee kachda #VasukiVaibhav and #Bhoomishetty ge mukakke hugidu horagakri
Ee Chandana ge 3kasin buddi illa Awragoskra sciser na ellello itkondidale thuuu

sripmh: Vasuki wants to console Bhoomi coming out of jail.
Sir it's jail not personal bed room.
Chandana ge kyare anthilla, Bhoomi tappidru olle sardara Tara adthidane Vasuki.
#biggbosskannada #BBK #BBK7

BiggBoss India Trolls: Todat #Bhumi and #Vasuki has lost all the fans they gained..
very asayya behaviour..#Shineshetty Mass

Dhanush Bhat: Vasuki your innocence was seen in this task. It's all because of you that this took such a drastic turn. Bhoomi you tooo need to behave. Respect to you Shine and Police Team. #ShineShetty #biggbosskannada7 #Raju #Priyanka #Chandan
Seeing Yesterday's episode for 1 hour was so annoying. Imagine the plight of Police team to see them for 24 hours. Shine's Anger was justified and especially Vasuki and Bhoomi worst performers of the Task. Vasuki it's time that you stop acting Innocent #biggbosskannada7
@kicchasudeepa Sir yesterday's task was really annoying. Could have taken it in a good way. Police team has shown a lot of Patience. Vasuki, Harish, Bhoomi and Chandana need to be taught a lesson from your side. Shine's Anger is Justified. #biggbosskannada7

Sharanya: Worst character #bhoomi. No wonder her parents don't speak to her. Worst ever. Now aishwarya from bb tamil looks like a goddess in front of this bhoomi. #BiggBossKannada7 #BBK7

HONEST GIRL❤: #BiggBossKannada7 #BBK7
#Bhumi now it's too much
#Sujatha anyways you are leaving this week
Before that just slap #Bhumi and come

Nayana Chikkhanumakka: Everybody s playing good , except Bhoomi & Vasuki,not able to see her over acting or possiveness !

Naane Duryodhana: As always shine deepika and Chandan achar top 3 finale contestants of biggboss

Nagaratna: Gokak Bhumige tumba dodd shikhse kodabeku direct nominet

Charanraj K P: Today's episode Shine & Chandan achaar rocking performance , but Boomi, Vasuki wrost performance.