That Shah Rukh Khan is a marketing genius has been established long before. This guy comes up with brilliant ideas to promote his films every single time. With "Dilwale" too he did a few things which an actor of his caliber wouldn't – like starring in a spoof video and laughing at himself.

SRK, along with Kajol, did a fun video with Miss Malini, in which the two were seen discussing how it was clever of them to break the news of Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon's affair and that it would help the film in a great way.

The 5-minute long video also saw them promise to each other how they would not let people know that it was them who slyly pushed the story in the media. Later, they called up Malini Agarwal blaming the other person to be on the safer side.

All done in jest, the video is a must-watch for all Shah Rukh-Kajol fans as they mouth dialogues from the iconic movies towards the end of it. It reflects their infectious chemistry and also how they are capable of taking and making jokes, all at the same time.

The duo was in Kolkata recently to talk about the Rohit Shetty directorial. And on the sidelines of the event, the superstar spoke about how shows being cancelled were very disheartening and upsetting for the team because it was created with a lot of love.

Released on 18 December, the action-comedy opened to negative reviews but has interestingly garnered over Rs 150 crore and is steady at the box office. The 50-year-old actor reportedly said he was happy to know that the target audience have loved it and some are even watching it multiple times.

Watch the video, below: