Director Amal Neerad's Malayalam movie Varathan starring Fahadh Faasil and Aishwarya Lakshmi has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Varathan is a survival thriller film, which has been written by Suhas and Sharfu and jointly produced by Amal Neerad and Nazriya Nazim under the banners Fahadh Faasil and Friends and Amal Neerad Productions. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.20 hours.

Analysis: The movie deals with a simple story that is based on real-life incidents. The movie is about a couple and it explores a woman's perspective in a relationship. It is an intense story and each frame has something for the viewer. The first half has nothing new in terms of a story, but interesting premise keep you hooked to the seats, say the audience.

Performances: Fahadh Faasil and Aishwarya Lakshmi have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Varathan. Sharafudheen, Master Chethan Lal, Dileesh Pothan, and Arjun Ashokan have done their jobs well and they are also big assets of the movie, say the audience.

Technical: Varathan has decent production values and Sushin Shyam's stunning background score and Littil Swayamp's brilliant camera work make this film an amazing thriller, say the viewers.

Varathan movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Martin N Joseph‏ @mnj993

#Varathan - Decent first half with thrilling moments and impressive performance from @twitfahadh & @Aishwarya__nair !! Awesome visuals from #LittilSwayamp and wonderful bgm by #SushinShyam. Waiting for the second half. #Varathan - Movie with one of the best massive climax ever in #Malayalam cinema. Such a terrific & energetic performance from @twitfahadh and ever stylish making from @neerad_amal !! The climax is worth for your money. Go for it. ❤ #Varathan - Brilliant revenge thriller with an ok 1st half, good 2nd half & a terrific climax. Wonderful performance from lead two and surprisingly a massive career best from #Sharafudeen. Impressive dop and bgm too. Watch it for an #AmalNeerad style massive thriller.

Ashwin‏ @Ashwin22823666

#Varathan-OUTSIDER Kickass Thriller @NeeradAmal Delivered It In His Own Style Baap Of Mass Scenes@twitfahadh Is LIT!! What An Energetic PerfoWhole Theatre Exploded In Transformation Scene Another Good Job From @Aishwarya__nair Sushin & Littil 're Too Winners ❤

ArjunAnand @ArjunAnandE

Showing mass on-screen there is always no replacement for Amal Neerad. And Yes, he is just underlying it. King of action movies is back. #Varathan is high voltage intriguing revenge thriller with out-of-this-world technical quality. Go for it. It is worth your every penny.

Ashwin Vijay DQ‏ @ashwin_Vijay_dq

#Varathan #First #show #report ! #Varathan #TheOutsider Superb first half with thrilling & mysterious moments and impressive performance.... DOP & BGM #Aishwarya #FahadFazil When it comes to showing mass on screen nobody beats #amalneerad #VarathanInterwellReport

Maxin Francis‏ @MaxinFrancis

#Varathan first half ends without breaking the suspense elements... Nice movie so far. Fahadh Faasil impresses

DMP‏ @DialecticSapien

Very interesting premise till the first half. Subverts the idyllic Kerala village trope. Good dop, music and acting. But my grouse is with the background score. LOUD, inconsistent, manipulative and a let down #Varathan

RJ Media‏ @RJMediaOfficial

#Varathan #TheOutsider Superb first half with thrilling & mysterious moments and impressive performance.... DOP & BGM #AmalNeerad #Aishwarya #FahadFazil

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#Varathan Interval : Though there is nothing new in terms of story-plot the mysterious set up and the overall making is grasping interest so far. #Varathan is yet to finish but yes Amal Neerad is back.....!!!Goosebumps #Varathan When it comes to showing mass on screen nobody beats #AmalNeerad #Varathan is a gripping, spine chilling revenge drama Amal Neerad raises the heat in typical Amal style in the second half after setting the tone in first half #Varathan : Has a wafer thin plot to go about but what sets it apart is how Amal has gone about making it engrossing. Terrific perfos plus the last 30 minutes which could make you whistle to the onscreen antics of the protagonists #Varathan Aishwarya has the meatist role of all and she has just nailed her role to perfection. Fahadh has another day in the office, as usual.. Biggest surprise is Sharafudeen who steals the show with his career best perfo till date #Varathan Technical Side Camera by #LittleSwayamp BGM by Sushin Shyam If you are a fan of the Amal Neerad school of making go for it

AKHIL R KRISHNAN‏ @Urtrulyakhil

#OneWordReview... #Varathan : WINNER Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ #AmalNeerad & #FahadhFaasil combo's A good 1st half Superb 2nd Half Thriller movie BGM #SushinShyam DOP#Litttil Climax #FahadhFaasil @twitfahadh @Aishwarya__nair Superb performances

Snehasallapam‏ @snehasallapam

#Varathan Interval: An Above average first half. Visuals & BGM Thriller mood on Decent occupancy in all centres... #Varathan Review: SUPERB... Then #IyyobintePusthakam & now #Varathan... An above average first half followed by a EXTRA TERRIFIC 2nd Half... A chilling Climax with tons of goosebumps moments #Fahadh's mighty walk in climax Yes it's a blockbuster Rating: 4/5 #Fahadh #Aishu #Sharaffudheen Brilliant casting from the makers... #Amal's direction @LittilSwayamp 's dop & BGM are top notch Lags at parts but CLIMAX IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..!! Try to watch from 4K Screens..!! GO FOR IT..@twitfahadh @Aishwarya__nair @Nazriya4U_

Tony Davis‏ @gtcdon

#Varathan mega giga mass!!!!! Perfect Big Screen experience with content from Amal Neerad... Kiduve

CinemaPraanthan‏ @Democratrodrigu

#Varathan crispy direction from Amal Neerad. Fahad,Aiswarya and sharafudeen giving their best. Special mention to sharafudeen for his lifetime best performance. Little Swayamp after #parava & #koode has nailed it with his cinematography. Last 30 minutes shows real craftsmanship

Cine Maniac‏ @Cinemanic1011

#Varathan Firsthalf Nothing new in the plot but the extraordinary making , shots and well packed direction will makes you stunned!! Gud Performance from #FahadhFaasil and @Aishwarya__nair #Varathan Superbb Second half with thrilling and goosebumps moments in last 30 min Climax #AmalNeerad is One Director who can convert a Simple story to a next level

Malayalam BoxOffice‏ @malyalammovieBO

Gripping 1st half, thin plot so far but Amal Neerad Direction/ Style stands out. Superb BGM & DOP from SUSHIN & Littil All eyes on 2nd Half #Varathan #Varathan#AmalNeerad is back.....!!!Goosebumps #AmalNeerad is back with a Bang A good 1st half followed by a Superb 2nd Half Thin Plot, but entertaining and thrilling #SushinShyam BGM #Litttil DOP #FahadhFaasil WOW, especially climax. #Aishwarya does well too Don't miss #Varathan 3.5/5 Blockbuster on Cards

Mollywood Times‏ @sandhya190

#Varathan:Interval Update - Nothing Deep Into Story , Amal Neerad Sets The Tempo High With His Making,Leaving The Audience To Expect Something Big In Second Half DOP & BGM Is Top Class In Setting The Mood Of The Movie Overall Watchable First Half ✌️

KeralaBoxofficeStats‏ @kboxstats

#Varathan Good entertaining first half with shades of #StrawDogs in someareas However second half was simply kickass! Last 30 minutes leading up to many goosebump moments. #FahadFaasil was simply terrific #Aishwarya too! #AmalNeerad is back 4/5 SURESHOT BB Three takeaways from #Varathan 1. If someone calls #SushinShyam as #Anirudh of MTown, it wont be a flattery! His bgm has an impact in elevating many scenes 2. #FahadFaasil is going to get his big hit on blockbuster most likely! 3. #AmalNeerad is back . Expectations on #Bilal

Movie Planet‏ @MoviePlanet8

Watched #Varathan Cinemax Cochin 9:15am Status : 95% Watchable First Half Superb Second Half Excellent Last 30 Minutes #FahadhFaasil , #Sharafudheen @Aishwarya__nair ❤️ An #AmalNeerad Film My Rating : 3.5/5

Forum Reelz‏ @Forumreelz

#Varathan: Interval Update - Nothing Deep Into Story , Amal Neerad Sets The Tempo High With His Making,Leaving The Audience To Expect Something Big In Second Half DOP & BGM Is Top Class In Setting The Mood Of The Movie Overall Watchable First Half ✌️ #Varathan : Mass Comeback By #AmalNeerad Who Can Take The Major Credits For Taking This Movie To Another Level With The Brilliant Making Pre Climax&Climax Portions Pure Goosebumps #Fahadh Nailed It With Superb Performance Supported By #Sharafu & #Aishu Overall A Good Movie

M'wood Updates‏ @abureload2

#Varathan An Unimpressive first half followed by a 'vere level' second half Fahadh Transformation scenes are Outstanding camera work by #Littleswayamp... background score by #sushinshyam was very impressive Good Performance from Sharafu, pothen Rating:3.5/5

Indian Movie Rating‏ @IND_MovieRating

#MalayalamMovie #Varathan is entertaining. Great Filmmaking by #AmalNeerad Neerad. #FahadhFaasil has given a terrific performance. stunning BGM and camera work make this film an amazing thriller MUST Watch. Last 30 minutes and to climax is a real treat...
Snehasallapam‏ @snehasallapam

മഹി‏ @Mahi_Euphoria

#Varathan.... Best amal neerad experience till date Last 30 minutes pure mass.... full kayyadi whistles only And really well made and relevant From a sensible movie appreciator