Director Anoop Sathyan's Malayalam movie Varane Avashyamund starring Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salmaan, Shobana and Kalyani Priyadarshan has garnered positive review and ratings from the audiences.

Varane Avashyamund is a family drama and director Anoop Sathyan has written the script and dialogues for the film, which has been produced by Dulquer Salmaan under the banners Wayfarer Films and M Star Entertainments. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.25 hours.

Varane Avashyamund story: Neena is a French teacher and single parent to Nikitha (Nikki), who works at a bank and is obsessed with the concept of an arranged marriage. Their life changes when a retired army man, Major Unnikrishnan, and another young man, fondly named Fraud, come to stay at the apartment. The lives of these four people, their pasts and their emotions, all crash paths under the same roof.

Varane Avashyamund
Varane AvashyamundTwitter

Performances: Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salmaan, Shobana and Kalyani Priyadarshan have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Varane Avashyamund. Urvashi, Major Ravi, Lalu Alex, Johny Antony, Siju Wilson, KPAC Lalitha, Meera Krishnan, Rahul Rajasekharan, Wafa Khatheeja Rahman and Soubin Shahir have done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Varane Avashyamund has got good production values. Beautiful picturization, good background score and punch dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Varane Avashyamund movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' responses to the film shared on Twitter scroll down to see the audience's verdict.

Varane Avashyamund
Varane AvashyamundTwitter

VibinVijay Panicker @VibinVijay03

#VaraneAvashyamund.Impressive First Half.The way of Storytelling has made movie more interesting.The Combination scenes of #SureshGopi & #Shobana working well.@dulQuer isn't have more scenes in this half and great debut for @kalyanipriyan.

Anurag2255 @Anurag22551

#VaraneAvashyamund +ve Its an Family Romantic Drama director focusing on families definatily 100% work for it Suresh gopi and Shobana combination Dq kalyani also Very Engaging Suresh gopi Scoring more than Dulquer salman Screen space -ve Overall excellent 3.75/5

Monika Thomas Puthuran @monika_offl

#VaraneAvashyamund is a Beautiful family drama filled with delightful performances from #SureshGopi sir #Shobana mam! I literally enjoyed their combo! Then my 2nd favorites were #urvashi mam & #KPACLalitha chechi! @dulQuer is charming as ever & @kalyanipriyan performs effortlessly ❤ The beautiful debut from #AnoopSathyan

KeralaBoxofficeStats @kboxstats

#VaraneAvashyamund #Dulquer Anoop Sathyan in his directorial debut follows the same template like his father. Script has nothing new to offer much. But he has succeeded to an extent in crafting a clean family entertainer. Will do well at BO 3.5/5 #VaraneAvashyamund #DQ #SureshGopi has equal or even more screen space than #Dulquer, especially in first half. The highlight of VA is the chemistry between #SureshGopi and #Shobana which worked out well. #DQ maiden production venture is a good one

Ashwin_vijay_dq @ashwin_Vijay_dq

First half of #VaraneAvashyamund :Filled with comedy entertainer.@dulQuer have less screen presence and #SureshGopi scored more than him @kalyanipriyan, #Shobhana also done their roles well.A pakka Family Entertainer Loading.#DulquerSalmaan #varaneavashyamundreview #Mollywood

SREEKANTH T R @Sreeku_rajan

#VaraneAvashyamund A feel good delightful first half #Suresh Ettan & Shobana mam combo is very pleasant to watch on screen. @dulQuer is charming as ever & @kalyanipriyan is beautiful and performs effortlessly

Rishin @tensionfreebird

@dulQuer bro watched movie #VaraneAvashyamund It was soo much fun, little bit emotional and overall a complete package for me, all audience were laughing all the time, your comedy timing were on point all the time, we will love more #SureshGopi after this.. loved it 3.75/5

Jai @jagguus

Just saw #VaraneAvashyamund with @vivekpoduval and @inCredbL_indiaN from Vox cinemas Dubai. Fantastic family movie. Full on fun ride .DQ at his very best kalyani too cute Shobana mam class as ever. Suresh gopi brilliant ..Box office ready for a spin

Forum Reelz @Forum_Reelz

#VaraneAvashyamund: Review : Enjoyable Family Entertainer Mainly Due To It's Lead Stars & Light Moments Throughout.Eventhough Script Is A Cliched One #AnoopSathyan Pulled Of The Best With His Cast. Overall A Decent Debut For @dulQuer As Producer & #AnoopSathyan As Director ✅

Jabeen @jabeen_sh

Absolutely loved the #feelgood #movie #VaraneAvashyamund #fdfs So happy to see #SureshGopi in a #funtastic role #Shobana So apt and elegant, @kalyanipriyan lovely start to her filmy career @dulQuer & #AnoopSathyan #paisavasool movie ✌️ Lalitha,Johny Antony,Lalu Alex,Siju

Dijin Jose @itsdijinjose

#Varaneavshyamund Excellent first half. Family Blockbuster loading??? #VaraneAvashyamund Light hearted comedy entertainer. #SureshGopi steals the show. Good!!!

Forum Reelz @Forum_Reelz

#VaraneAvashyamund: Interval : Entertaining First Half With Lead Cast Scoring Over The Script With Their Fine Performance #Sobhana & #Kalyani Takes The Major Portion With #SuresGopi Doing A Hilarious Role Supported By #Urvashi #KPAC #JohnyAntony #MajorRavi & #Dq Does A Cameo #VaraneAvashyamund : Review : Enjoyable Family Entertainer Mainly Due To It's Lead Stars & Light Moments Throughout.Eventhough Script Is A Cliched One #AnoopSathyan Pulled Of The Best With His Cast. Overall A Decent Debut For @dulQuer As Producer & #AnoopSathyan As Director 2705

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1

#VaraneAvashyamund Interval : So far a decent show. Pretty Normal storyline narrated with fair amount of humour. Suresh Gopi and Shobana's presence have really worked. Dulquer isn't having much scenes in this half. #VaraneAvashyamund Regular storyline, but Anoop quiet succeeded in offering a decent family entertainer with enough dose of fun and emotions. Too much of songs in the 2nd haf is a bump. Suresh Gopi and Shobhana @kalyanipriyan is here to stay.@dulQuer good in his brief role. #VaraneAvashyamund :The USP of the film is definitely the comeback of Suresh Gopi and Shobana's combination who yet again shares a great chemistry. Anoop's target audience are majorly families and it shud work with them. For others it will be a decent one time watch

Snehasallapam (SS) @SSTweeps

#VaraneAvashyamund Interval: Good first half with good comedies & very good performance from Suresh Gopi, Shobhana, Dq & @kalyanipriyan Director following Sathyan Anthikad style in a metro city, overall good watch till now. #VaraneAavashyamund Review A very good first half followed by an OK 2nd half. Targeted mainly on family audience & a typical Sathyan Anthikad movie making style. Overall good family entertainer with good performance from lead cast. Go for it.

Mollywood Updates @MollywoodU1

#VaraneAvashyamund it is a Fun Ride #SureshGopi and #Shobana did a Good Job @kalyanipriyan Outstanding Performance @dulQuer First Production 3.75/5 Family Audience Will Be make Arush

Cine Safari @CineSafari

#VaraneAvashyamund A neat family drama in an old story line with some feel good elements. #SureshGopi & #Shobana stand tall with their best performance, @kalyanipriyan lovely start to her malayalam carrier, @dulQuer shines in a brief role. Best debut by #AnoopSathyan 3/5 ⭐