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Stelena fans might have a reason to rejoice, as several reports claim that Elena and Stefan might share a steamy kiss in one of the upcoming episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" season six.

Episode one of the current season ended with Elena requesting Alaric to wipe out her memory of Damon so that she wouldn't have to live with the hole Damon left in her heart. Although viewers will have to wait until Thursday to find out if Alaric does as Elena wants, synopsis of the upcoming episodes show Elena to be buoyant and cheerful, sparking speculations that Alaric might have compelled her.

TVLine's Michael Ausiello revealed that Elena's emotions will be all over the place, and she will soon be locking lips with a potential new lover. "Never give up hope! Elena's emotions are all over the place in Season 6 and I have it on good authority that her love life is going to be far from dormant," he wrote, adding, "In fact, I hear she'll be locking lips with a handsome fella in Episode 3 — and his name does not rhyme with Shmamon."

Synopsis of episode three, titled "Welcome to Paradise" states that Elena and gang will head out to the swimming hole to infuse some fun and frolic into their lives, and here she will once again meet Stefan. But the younger Salvatore brother will be shocked to notice startling changes in his former ladylove, and these changes might have resulted from Alaric compelling her to forget Damon.

At this point, all of these are speculations. But Stelena fans have been on a high ever since the promo poster of season six released, as it showed Stefan and Elena holding hands, sparking speculations that the lovebirds will reunite once again.

However, Nina Dobrev, who essays the role of Elena, does not want fans to read too much into this supportive gesture.

"All of our characters go on a journey this season; Damon and Bonnie have disappeared, which is why they're holding hands, so Stefan and Elena have to take the lead and save the day. They're left to pull through and grieve the people they've lost," she told TVLine, adding: "We're shooting Episode 8 right now, so we still have over half the season to film. Anything could happen. As of right now, it's more of a support thing."