Candice Accola
Candice AccolaFacebook/The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola's character, Caroline, has had a tumultuous journey on "The Vampire Diaries" ever since her mother, Sheriff Forbes, passed away. Caroline switched off her humanity and did a number of hurtful things to her friends that will be coming back to haunt her in the next couple of episodes.

With just a few more episodes to go before season 6 of the vampire drama comes to an end, Caroline is going to have to make some tough decisions, especially with regards to her relationship with Stefan.

Accola said in a recent interview that she has been a fan of Stefan-Caroline relationship since season 2. The two have been friends for a long time before they decided to take the plunge into romance.

"I personally really liked the storyline of Caroline and Stefan from… Season 2 on," she said, according to Access Hollywood. "I liked that it was a really slow burn. I like that there were layers to this friendship and you know possibility of a relationship as opposed to it just being like forced in front of you like, 'Look at them.'"

Unfortunately, Caroline's activities when she had switched off her humanity are going to prevent her from embarking on a romance with the younger Salvatore brother.

"Caroline, like Stefan, is going to feel deeply shamed when all is said and done, and her struggle will be reconciling those feelings and finding a way to move past them," executive producer Caroline Dries told TVGuide. "When she's in the murk of that guilt and remorse, a real relationship with Stefan won't feel possible."

The official synopsis of the next episode titled "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You" does not give much hints on what's in store for Caroline and Stefan. But the promo shows Stefan advising Elena against taking the cure to vampirism.

The episode will also mark the return of Chris Wood's character Kai.

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays on the CW.