Gaddalakonda Ganesh and Valmiki poster
Gaddalakonda Ganesh and Valmiki posterTwitter

The makers of Valmiki changed its title to Gaddalakonda Ganesh just hours before its release. Maharshi director Vamshi Paidipally, Lavanya and some other celebs expressed concern over the last-minute change.

Valmiki aka Gaddalakonda Ganesh, which is a remake of Tamil movie Jigarthanda, hit the screens across the globe on Friday. Days before its release, Boya Valmiki community had filed a case against using Valmiki's name for a movie title. The court had ordered the movie unit to change the title after hearing both the parties. The makers announced the change on the eve of its release.

Both Ananthapur and Kurnool district authorities have banned Valmiki's screening, citing law and order concerns following opposition from the community, even after the censor board cleared it for release. Harish Shankar addressed the media and said the movie does not insult saint Valmiki. He urged the community people to watch the film to find out.

This is probably the first time in the history of Indian cinema that a movie's name was changed hours prior to its release. The move came as a shock to many people from the film industry. Some of them took to Twitter to express their displeasure. This how they reacted on the news of the title change.

Maharshi director Vamshi Paidipally: This is very painful... No Film or Director deserve this... @harish2you we are all with You...I know your commitment towards a film ra Harish...#GaddalakondaGanesh will be a winner for sure...

Actress Lavanya Tripathi: What's In a name! A good movie will remain a good movie, wishing @harish2you @IAmVarunTej and the team all the very best! Wish u a blockbuster #GaddhalakondaGanesh aka #Valmiki

Director Bobby: #Valmiki is now #GaddalakondaGanesh. Changing the title a day before its release is something which nobody experienced before. But the content remains same brother @harish2you. My best wishes to @IAmVarunTej and entire team.

Producer Anil Sunkara: Valmiki aina Ganesh aina bomma super hitte. Advanced congratulations to my friends for ever @RaamAchanta and Gopi. @harish2you waiting for seeing your mass dhamaka tomm. All the very best to @IAmVarunTej and team. Wishing it to become a cult film with blockbuster status.

Many viewers also expressed their anger against the community and said that the title change will not affect the prospects of the movie at the box office. Scroll down to see the audience reactions:

CuriousDev @CuriousDev4

So did Boya and #Valmiki achieved anything now by title change? Honestly feel they have lost more than anticipated. Sometimes giving makes you more richer. Your communities missed that today. You would've set a great example of being liberal but not :( #GaddalakondaGanesh

Pravallika Anjuri @ipravallika

An unfair treatment to the craft and industry. Things like this shouldn't happen to anyone. #IStandWithValmiki #GaddalakondaGanesh

Manj - GaddalaKonda Ganesh @manojvalluri

It's already certified by the Censor Board n now govt makes fun of it! I think the film makers should arrange meetings with all caste leaders, M.L.A s, M.P.S & if possible with their families b4 anyone else to finalise a script Sep19th a Dark day to Cinema. #IstandWithValmiki

S Sudhir Kumar @ssudhirkumar

Telugu movie "Valmiki" was supposed to release today. Yesterday the makers had to change the name to "Gaddhalakonda Ganesh". AP Police banned the screening of the movie in Ananthapur. You will not hear voices of "intolerance" etc in the Delhi studios though.

Always Harsha Vardhan Director @hv355115

Big disappointed about the Title change of #Valmiki as #GathalakondaGanesh but we have to make a big success Support the Team we are eagerly waiting for the movie sir @harish2you we love your work and passion about the movie we Wish you a very good luck and congratulations

BennySpeaks @benny_speaks

#Valmiki title changed to #GaddhalakondaGanesh OK & now who's benefitted out of this? Are their sentiments restored? The title change will have negligible effect on the movie's prospects.Hoping more sense to those people who wanted this & more power to the whole team @harish2you

Patronus @liveLetLive24

Disappointed with last min #Valmiki title change after censor report. May b there should be a deadline for the concerned to air their complaints and not hold the release hostage ..