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The music of the "Valiyavan" starring Jai and Andrea Jeremiah has been released. The music composed by D Imman has opened to positive reviews from both critics and audience.

The album, which consists of five songs and one theme track, is viewed as Immam's attempt to step out of his usual style and try something new, and critics are impressed with his efforts.

Lyrics of the songs have been penned by Na Muthukumar and Viveka and the songs are sung by KG Ranjith, Papon, Sunidhi Chauhan, Elfe, Singdha Chandra and D Imman.

The direction and screenplay of "Valiyavan" is done by M Saravanan and the film is produced by KN Sampath under the banner of SK Studios.

Here are the reviews of "Valiyavan" songs by various critics.

"Aahaa Kathal Vandu", Singers: KG Ranjith, Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

"The album begins with an eerie composition in western harmonic minor scale- which is typical for Imman's tracks. The nostalgic styled rhythm section and passionate vocals by Ranjith add much to this interesting track. While the lyrics go in an introspective manner, the interludes support it well with peculiar usage of trumpets and timely violin solos."- Behindwoods

"The album begins as usual with Imman's typical tracks. KG Ranjith has sung the number beautifully. The song has a good support in interludes. Imman has wonderfully used the instruments like trumpets, violin and drums. The song is peppy number." - Iluvcinema

"Hello Hello", Singers: Papon, Lyrics: Viveka

"A funky composition sung by the velvety sounding Papon in the midst of gripping acoustic guitar. The usage of dog barking in the midst of harmonica and electric guitar and live drumming is definitely a novel experimentation. The Rumba styled guitar in the interludes is another masterstroke by the composer." - Behindwoods

"Hello Hello song is a funky composition which is sung by Papon in the midst of gripping acoustic guitar. Dog barkings used in the midst of harmonica, guitar and drums is definitely a great experiment. The interludes by Guitar are another asset to this song."- I luvcinema

"Yelomia", Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

"The album goes to a Jazzy mode with a groovy number sung by the extremely talented Sunidhi Chauhan. This track is definitely a challenge for her to sing out of the box from her usual aggressive voice. She pulls it off with excellence and masterful orchestration is a highlight. The soothing trumpets blended with lilting guitar is another asset."- Behindwoods

"This song is sung by the extremely talented singer Sunidhi Chauhan. This track is definitely a challenge for her to sing apart from her usual voice. The orchestra, soothing trumpets and lilting guitar is a highlight. This song is in a Jazzy mode with a groovy number."- Iluvcinema

Kathal Nallavana, Singers: Elfe, Singdha Chandra, Lyrics: Viveka

"It is time for a peculiar blend between Modern Rock and Smooth Jazz. The timely piano touches and Snigdha's power packed vocals take the front seat with great ease. There are faint resemblances to the Rock and Roll genre in the interludes as well but the track progresses in fun mode throughout its progress."- Behindwoods

"The timely piano touches are highlights in this song. Singer Snigdha's power packed vocals added extra beauty to this track. Interludes are slightly resembled to the Rock and Roll genre but the whole track progresses in a fun mode." - Iluvcinema

"Eyes On You"

"A thumping theme track with impressive sequencing and good rhythm section arrives next. The masterful electric guitar carries the rightful thump and the lead guitar freaks out with confidence and passion. Despite its short duration it makes sure the impact is felt."- Behindwoods

"It was an impressive theme track with good rhythm. Instruments like guitar are greatly used in this track. Even if it is for short duration it makes sure impact to listener."- Iluvcinema

"O Baby Come With Me", Singers: D.Imman, MLR Karthikeyan, Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

"The album arrives to a finale with an essential alternative rock track sung with great vigor by Imman himself and MLR Karthikeyan. However, the track has international flavor much more than the Tamil nativity. But the guitar chord progression and usage of Sitar solos in Carnatic Raaga Naatai and Mandolin solo in Carnatic Raaga Kaanada is indeed a great experimentation."- Behindwoods

"This track is sung by Imman himself and MLR Karthikeyan. This song has more international flavour than the Tamil nativity. Instruments like Guitar, Sitar and Mandolin are used in this track."- Iluvcinema