After making fantastic debut with "3". Aishwarya Dhanush is back with "Vai Raja Vai". Like her debut movie, this latest film too belongs to romantic genre.

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"Vai Raja Vai" stars Gautham Karthik and Priya Anand in the lead roles. The Tamil movie has Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, Velraj's cinematography and VT Vijayan's editing.

Vai Raja Vai
A poster from 'Vai Raja Vai'.IB Times India

Vivek and Taapsee Pannu are in the important roles with Daniel Balaji, Vasanth, Gayathri Raghuram, Sriranjini, Bose Venkat, MS Bhaskar, Manobala and others are in the cast. Aishwarya's husband Dhanush and actor and director SJ Suryah have done guest appearance in "Vai Raja Vai".

"Vai Raja Vai" has generated a lot of positive talks and the success of the audio has helped the movie in generating curiosity in the minds of the audience. However, the film is releasing alongside "Uttama Villain". We have to wait and see whether Kamal Haasan's release would have any impact on Aishwarya Dhanush's movie.

Below, we bring you the live reviews from the audience:

KashayamWithBosskey Posted
#UttamaVillain review: Decent first half.
Second half lacks energy, Climax needs standing ovation.
Tribute to KB sir
Verdict: Average - 3/5

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
#VaiRajaVai interval. Quite good so far. Never felt bored for a minute.
Loved the first half of #VaiRajaVai But the second half was such a letdown. Completed in a hurry. Dhanush's cameo worked well.

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#VaiRajaVai 2.75/5 – Fun ride from @ash_r_dhanush with some speed breakers in the 2nd half. From a seroius #3 transformed wel 2 commercial
#VaiRajaVai - 2.75/5. 1st half made racy & enjoyable. At 1 hr 59 minutes its breeze though story line is wafer thin & songs r thrust.
#VaiRajaVai -2.75/5.What worked best was Panda aka @Actor_Vivek he is hilarious & @dhanushkraja 3-minute appearance in the climax. Mass
#VaiRajaVai -2.75/5 #Yuvan's bgm gives extra edge along with #Velraj's camera.Downside - Romantic track not worked out. 2 many Loop holes.
#UttamaVillain latest update - #Eros clearance 2 digital providers yet 2 come! #Qube, #UFO & #PXD will give KDM only after that. Waiting!

Surendhar MK Tweeted
Hal way through #VaiRajaVai. Extra sensory perception. Generous dose of comedy. And a good shift in the pace. Going good @ash_r_dhanush.
And yes, looks like Yuvan is back :) #VaiRajaVai
Something for #Vijay fans on #Ajith's birthday ;) Gautham Karthik and Priya Anand are watching #Jilla in a scene. #VaiRajaVai
The second half in #VaiRajaVai is a huge let down. Quite disappointed. Dhanush's KokkiKumar cameo is a riot.

Raisa Nasreen Posted
When you have a female director on board you don't see a girl dancing to an item song. You see a male actor doing it. #vairajavai

Bhavatharini Wrote
Congrats to team #VaiRajaVai @ash_r_dhanush you are a hard worker jus like ur dad..and congrats to @thisisysr bg score is awesome as usual
#VaiRajaVai @Gautham_Karthik @PriyaAnand @gayathriraguram fantastic job

Karthikeyan Tweeted
#VaiRajaVai a safe betting & good prediction @ash_r_dhanush @PriyaAnand

Aravind kumar Posted
#VaiRajaVai - Nothing apart from #Vivek comedies, better to skip..

Sunder Mass Wrote
#VaiRajaVai Full full entertainment movie.Confirm BB first half Awesomes Second half Above avg overall Mass entertainer.

Shreelu Tweeted
Each and evry character has its importance !! Racy RACY Racy Entertainer !! A new thing in tamil cinema #VaiRajaVai @ash_r_dhanush
@dhanushkraja #kokkikumar mass entry whole audience gone mad enna whistle enna mass da swamy later upload theatre celebr pics. #VaiRajaVai

Karthik278 Tweeted
@ash_r_dhanush #VaiRajaVai awesome movie mam..vivek nd sathish mass cmdy combo mam.#kokkikumar mass entry.totally a mass hit.keep it up mam

Sri Kanth Wrote
A good plot with such racy screenplay! Well directed! @ash_r_dhanush

Saba Posted
@archanakalpathi #VaiRajaVai worth watching. Semma treat fr #thalabday !! Kokki kumaaru <3

Daniel Thimmayya ‏Tweeted
#KB #UttamaVillain nice cameo, powerful dialogue despite film's dragginess @NewIndianXpress

Kannan Posted
#VaiRajaVai - Director Aishwarya's commercial attempt this time, total contrast to her debut flick & she has pulled off well to an extent!
#VaiRajaVai - Yuvan's BGM goes well with the proceedings & Velraj's cinematography gives the required glossy look to it. Technically slick!
#VaiRajaVai - Dhanush's cameo as #KokkiKumar in the end fantastic! Even his side kicks reminded me so much abt the 'Cult' #Pudhupettai.
#VaiRajaVai - Gautham Karthik & Priya Anand apt & did their job well. So good to see Daniel Balaji back on full fledged role & he rocked!
#VaiRajaVai - Decent entertainer revolving arnd a guy with ESP power, works mainly due to the light-hearted treatment. Watchable! (6/10)

CB Wrote
#VaiRajaVai 1st half is Engaging . Comedy scenes also worked out .
#VaiRajaVai 2nd half is dragged and boring . @dhanushkraja 's cameo is a big relief .

Pŕę♏♥ Csk Tweeted
1st Half - Good (Commercial with Comedy blend)

Dhinakaran Wrote
Enjoyed @Actor_Vivek performance completely. #VaiRajaVai is a winner.
#VaiRajaVai Racy screenplay and smart direction. But it's @thisisysr who steals the show with amazing music. Has done a brilliant job.
Except for a forced Dhanush entry movie works big time #VaiRajaVai #SafeBetting

Nishanth Posted
#VaiRajaVai was good.Good attempt by @ash_r_dhanush..But the show stealers are @thisisysr n #Kokkikumaru @dhanushkraja.whatte intro sir Mass
#VaiRajaVai bookings open for the noon show on main screens at Devi, Sangam, Kamala and various other theatres in Chennai. #UttamaVillain

Selvam Wrote
#VaiRajaVai - Watchable. Time pass film. Daniel Balaji rocked & @dhanushkraja as #KokkiKumar gave the final touch :)

Sai Shyam G Tweeted
#VaiRajaVai first half - @thisisysr's BGM is an asset to the movie. Pulsating stuff from #Yuvan. Like how @ash_r_dhanush connects the dots.
#VaiRajaVai first half - Thoroughly entertaining package from @ash_r_dhanush, @Gautham_Karthik, @PriyaAnand, @Actor_Vivek and @actorsathish!

Balaji Mohan ‏Posted
@ash_r_dhanush #VaiRajaVai Neat, crisp, engaging & tight film with #KokkiKumar being the icing on the cake! @dhanushkraja congrats mam :)

Prashanth ‏Tweeted
Congrats @ash_r_dhanush for your first success as a director, pretty sure #VaiRajaVai will be liked by all!

Jasi Murali Tweeted
Just watched #VaiRajaVai super hit movie love the climax hats off to the team superb @ash_r_dhanush mam waiting to see moremovies from u mam

Pradeep Reviews Wrote
#VaiRajaVai @Gautham_Karthik @PriyaAnand pairing is beautiful. @taapsee is elegant and boy what a cameo.
#VaiRajaVai clever scripting by @ash_r_dhanush using @dhanushkraja's mass screen presence in the climax..

Hareesh Posted
#VaiRajaVai engaging screenplay, never felt bored. Yuvan's background score was extraordinary and yeah,
KOKKIKUMAR's cameo rocked d screen

#HBDThalaAjith Posted
@ash_r_dhanush #VaiRajaVai ultimate entertainer semma screenplay..vivek punch semma & trendy..#Kokkikumar @dhanushkraja entry tharumaru

Raja K.S Posted
Comedy scenes are really superb, Rocking performance #VaiRajaVai @Actor_Vivek