dead vagina
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Our eyes are immune to seeing bad fashion like bathing suit dresses or puffball skirts on the runway, but when it comes to some bizarre accessories, we are to see a lot more yet.

The latest trend that made us cringe is...vagina wigs. Yes, you heard us right, we are talking about artificial hair for vaginas.

Vagina wigs, which are also known as merkins, come in different sizes and colours.

However, if you think this is a product of the bizarre minds of the 21st century, you are wrong. The history of such pubic wigs goes as far as the 1600s. Prostitutes used to don this accessory after shaving their genital areas for personal preferences or to combat diseases like pubic lice or syphilis.

South Korean designer Kaimin got these vagina wigs on the runway during the New York Fashion Week. This is not the first vagina trend to turn heads and clearly will not be the last. Take a look at some previous trends:

Jade eggs

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If you are someone who believes in crystals and their mystical abilities to harness, these vaginal jade eggs are your thing.

According to Gemstone Yoni, these jade eggs should be inserted as tampons. Revolting right?

Detox pearls

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These cloth-covered balls claim to detox the vagina with herb extracts but wait, who needs cleaning down there? Womb and vagina are self-cleaning organs and can totally do without these detox pearls.

Glitter bombs

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As if glitters in eyeshadows were not enough that we need capsules filled with glitters called passion dust to insert in vaginas. This bizarre product claims to make vaginal fluid look good.

Vaginal highlighter

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Highlighting has always been a lucrative option to enhance beauty but highlighting your private part for a perfect 'V" is really not a great option.

Yoni oil

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Vaginal oil claims to cure dryness, yeast infections, itching, and unpleasant odour down there, but experts advise against them as chemical products often lead to infection.

After all these, the vaginal wig sound way better, isn't it?