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A bizarre and dangerous trend of using cucumber to 'clean' vaginas is currently sweeping the internet. Bloggers claim that the vegetable is really good for genitals as it sanitises, gives a pleasant odour and reduces the chances of sexually transmitted infections.

Well, doctors don't believe so and they are warning women not to succumb to the crazy trend.

In fact, Canadian gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter says washing the private part with a cucumber will actually upset the natural pH balance of it. The odd trend which is dubbed as 'vagina facial' involves putting the peeled vegetable into the intimate part before twisting it around for around 20 minutes.

Experts have warned and said that the practice can actually leave the person at a greater risk of infections like gonorrhoea and HIV.

Dr Jen Gunter also warned that "if you have a vagina you should definitely not do this". She wrote in her blog: "This idea that some kind of vaginal cleansing is required, be it a peeled cucumber or the 'feminine washes' sold at drugstores, is misogyny dressed up as health care and I am having none of it."

Moreover, vaginas are not dirty. There have been a number of studies that tell us that douches, cleanses, vinegar, steams, pH balancing products, aloe, colloidal silver, garlic or whatever else is used for cleaning the private part does nothing significant but they have the real potential for harming the good bacteria or disrupting the mucosal surface of the intimate part. It, in turn, increases the risk of contracting gonorrhoea or HIV, Daily Mail reported.

Different kinds of fungi and other bugs can be picked up in a vegetable patch and it can end up thriving in the vagina when used. Cleaning it with little water wouldn't sterilise it, the doctor added.

This is, however, not the first time that a bizarre incident like this happened. Previously, there were reports of women using 'glitter bombing' in their vaginas which was known as 'passion dust'. Experts claimed it to be really dangerous and warned women not to use it.