Yogaraj Bhat directorial "Vaastu Prakaara" (Vaasthu Prakara) has opened to fairly positive reviews. Critics have said that the movie is quite entertaining but it is not the director's best project.

TN Seetharam is a vaastu specialist, who is popular on TV with his shows. But his son played Rakshit Shetty does not believe in it and disrespects it. Hence, the father and son has a fight leading Rakshit to pack his bags to uncle's place called Vastenia (Imaginary Place).

Vaastu Prakaara
A poster from Vaastu Prakaara.Vaastu Prakaara Facebook Page

His uncle played by Jaggesh's condition is terrible and they together decide to give vastu advice for their living. During this period, they meet warring couple played by Sudharani and Ananth Nag, who are on the verge of the break up.

While Jaggesh and Rakshit Shetty are hired to solve the vastu issues, they also get into the family and bring the lost love between the couple.

It takes a lot of courage to make a movie on vastu which is quite a sensitive subject. But the beauty of the movie is that the film does not hurt any sentiment and just gives a fun ride. Critics say the storyline is decent but drags at parts. The highlight of the movie is Jaggesh's acting and hilarious one-liners. Below, we bring you the reviews of some of the leading critics:

Sify Reviews: The movie is not for a mass audience. Though there is slight drag post intermission, the director has been able to hold the attention of the audience till the climax. It is worth watching once.

Chitraloka Reviews: The film may not endear itself to the young audience who seek thrill in every scene.

Deccan Chronicle Reviews: With few good songs, and Jaggesh being the only saviour, Vaastu Prakara lacks Yogaraj's usual magic. Parul, as lawyer is the glamour quotient and Aishani manages to look cute and an average performance by Rakshit Shetty. The veteran Anant Nag does his job neat and clean and so does Sudha Rani.

Bangalore Mirror Reviews: The film keeps a steady pace without trying anything specific. The middle portion of the film could have done with the introduction of a couple of new characters. It is dialogue-heavy like any other Bhat film.