Director Jasbir Bhaati's Bollywood movie "Uvaa" featuring newcomers in lead roles was released in theatres on Friday (26 June). 

"Uvaa" is a social drama film with a decent dose of comedy. Besides direction, Jasbir Bhaati has also written the film's story. A good concept notwithstanding, the film is not so entertaining. 

The movie is about five rebellious brats – Ram, Anil, Vikram, Salmaan and Deenbandhu – who stomp on anything that comes their way without knowing the consequences. They are admitted to a convent school where they do well and also find love.

But one horrifying incident turns their life into a rebellious fight for justice. 

The film features veteran actors Om Puri, Sanjay Mishra, Jimmy Sheirgill, Sangram Singh, Vikrant Rai and Archana Puran Singh in important roles.

The first half of "Uvaa" does keep the audience entertained with comedy scenes. The second half drags, though the social drama keep viewers engaged, say critics.

Here is "Uvaa" movie review roundup:

The Times of India Ratings: 2 

Various films raise issues and portray aam junta's plight, their silent protests and outrage against the system, but fail to offer a credible solution to fight the crime. Uvaa dares to do that and manages to make sense somewhere, but shoddy execution mars this potentially significant social drama, which demands crucial changes in our judiciary and society at large.

Bollywood Trade Ratings: 0.5

The basic premise of the film is all right. It's a film about our criminal justice system and how it fails to provide justice to gang rape victims and often implicates the innocent for the crimes they have not committed. The film even advocates extreme punishment for rapists. One could make a world-class film around this subject that's obviously pregnant with great dramatic and thematic possibilities. But that's what does not happen to our extreme disgust and disappointment.

Movie Adda Rating: 1.5

The one liner storyline and a new solution to an old problem, sounds interesting in this relatively small film. Besides the noble thoughts and few decent scenes, there is nothing much to boast, due to which the positive points go in vain.

Bollywood Life Ratings: 1

A cliched social problem, juvenile attempts at humour, a weak script and shoddy direction, render "Uvaa", a tiresome viewing experience. Overall, the film is a poor attempt at driving home a relevant social message. A perfect case of good intention, bad execution. Give this one a miss.