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Two youths in Uttar Pradesh were mowed down by an oncoming train while trying to take a selfie, making it the eighth selfie-related death in India in 2017 alone.

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The incident took place on June 26 near the Gandak bridge which comes under the Khadda police station of Kushinagar where the duo was trying to pose for a selfie. According to local news report, the youths had earphones plugged in as a result of which they could not hear the sound of the oncoming train.

The police have said that they found a mobile phone and a pair of earphones from the accident spot. Though the youths have not yet been identified, the police are suspecting that the victims are from Nepal as they recovered two jerseys from Nepal and two sim cards from them.

While one of the sim cards belongs to the Jio network, the other sim belongs to the Namaste network of Nepal. The police also found a bank document from the deceased.

The documents bear the names Shivendra Kurmi and Soni Kumar Kurmi along with a contact number. They are trying to identify the deceased with the help of the information gathered.

This is not the first time that people got killed while trying to click pictures near or on the railway track.

On March 5, another man Sachin Kundaikar, who was standing on a railway track at Daoji village of Karmali in Goa, was run down by a speeding train.

In another incident on January 25, a 22-year-old man Gaurav Sahni was killed near Dhuri Lines in Ludhiana when a speeding train hit him.  He had gone with his friend to check on some property, but the selfie on the railway tracks cost him his life.