An 18-year-old's selfie craze proved fatal after he attempted to click a picture of himself with a moving train in Madhya Pradesh's Indore district, IANS reported on Sunday.

The deceased has been identified as Jayesh, an Indore resident. According to the police, the teen, along with his two friends, had gone to the railway tracks late on Saturday evening to take selfies.

"Jayesh, along with his two friends Ajay and Amit, went near the railway tracks to click pictures. Jayesh met with the accident while he was posing for the selfie," a police official told IANS.

The hospital said the victim was brought dead. The IANS report said the police are questioning the two friends of the deceased.

Killer Selfies 

Last month, two engineering students had drowned in Gujarat after they slipped and fell into the Narmada canal near Kothariya village of Wadhvan taluka in Surendranagar while taking selfies, Times of India had reported.

A report published in the The Telegraph in September made a rather shocking revelation that this year more people have died while taking a selfie than in shark attacks.

The number of selfie deaths have become such a common occurrence in Russia that the government has even released a detailed guide on how not to get killed while taking a selfie.

Amid the increase in the number of selfie-related deaths, recently several child experts sent out an SOS stating that extreme selfie craze was killing teenagers.

Experts studying selfie-related deaths now claim most of those involved are between the ages of 18 and 22, and the accidents they are involved in range from getting electrocuted on top of a train to accidentally shooting oneself while clicking a picture with a gun.