The murder was discovered by the victim's brother. [In file: Secured by forensic specialists of the German police blood is spread on the floor at the crime scene after a deadly knife attack on May 10, 2016 in Grafing, Bavaria]Johannes Simon/Getty Images [Representational Image]

A 64-year-old priest was killed allegedly by four people and his body was found hanging from a pole near the temple, police said Thursday.

Swami Premdas, priest of Ram Janki temple in Baba ka Purva, was killed on Tuesday night, they said.

Based on a complaint of Mahant Mauni Baba, an FIR was registered against four people, including Bajinath Maurya who was involved in a dispute over possession of a land belonging to the temple.

Maurya, who is a member of the land mafia, was also allegedly involved in the murder of the earlier priest of the temple, Swami Satyanarain Das, the complainant said.

Mauni Baba alleged that he has encroached upon a piece of land of the temple and construction was going on there. SP Sunil Singh said stern action will be taken against all the accused people.