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Another BJP leader, Yogi Adityanath, brought to fore during his speech on Monday the injustice faced by Hindus in western Uttar Pradesh's Kairana, where they were reportedly forced into exile, by comparing it to the exodus of Hindus from Jammu and Kashmir in 1990.

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On Monday BJP MLA Suresh Rana, who is contesting election from Thana Bhawan seat, was booked by the Uttar Pradesh Police on charges of inciting hatred for saying that there will be curfew in Kairana, Deoband and Moradabad if he wins. He too had spoken about punishing those who forced Hindus to leave their homes in these Muslim-majority areas. Both leaders blame the other political parties for playing votebank politics and favouring minorities instead of Hindus, who are the majority in India.

"When I look at western UP, I have regrets... when I see the social framework and demography... On January 19, 1990, Hindus had to migrate collectively from Kashmir. A massacre took place, the honour of mothers and sisters were openly tramped upon. If we have seen a sight similar to this anywhere, it was either in Bengal or western UP. Kairana and Kandhla are examples. Is Kairana not an issue? Is Kashmir not an issue? If this country's majority, Hindus, are tortured, is it not an issue? But if a thorn pricks the foot of someone from the minority community, it becomes an issue. This politics is strange," he added.

"I find western UP unsafe. We do not face a threat in eastern UP because there we use the language that people understand and set them straight...," Adityanath said during a rally in Sahibabad on Monday.

The Supreme Court had outlawed seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language earlier this month. However, that has not stopped Adityanath from giving his speech, which favours Hindus.

"State is obliged to allow practicing and professing of religious faith a citizen follows, but can forbid interference of religions and religious beliefs with secular activity such as elections," the bench led by former Chief Justice of India TS Thakur had said.

Adityanath also praised United States President Donald Trump's immigration ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

"Similar action is needed to contain terror activities in this country," he said at a rally in Bulandshahr. 

"Trump's victory has given politics a new direction, a new flow. You must have seen the decision he has taken. He named Narendra Modi his political icon... In 2013, Putin was questioned over Muslims being given special rights. The issue was discussed in their Parliament... He stood up and said Russia cannot give anyone special rights as they are a minority. Whoever lives in Russia will abide by Russian laws and whoever doesn't follow, should go where they like Shariat law. Can the Congress, SP, BSP, RLD try to show such courage? They cannot because they have turned this into a votebank," he added.