Usman Rao

India's youth are very energetic, Every youth has a passion to earn money with a name in life, Because the youth of today have become very intelligent,According to the growing population in India, jobs are also not available. In such a situation, the thinking of some youth is to touch the sky, and make their own name at the top, The youth of Saharanpur did the same, Yes, we are talking about Usman Rao, He achieved great success at such a young age.

Usman Rao who is an Indian entrepreneur, In just 2 years, he grew his company Jelly143 a lot.He started his career as a freelancer but slowly moved to digital marketing.Usman told that initially he faced a lot of difficulties, Many people joined Usman when he gave good service in the company, And Usman started getting offers from abroad, And he continued to work on it, because of which he succeeded today, Usman says he once gave up and thought he would stop working now, A few days later, Usman received a big offer, Who changed his life, and Usman thought that now it is to work hard, Usman worked so hard, due to which Google included his name in Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh, and also included in the Young Entrepreneur of Saharanpur.

This is why whatever work you do, work hard, No work no success, Try your best to do what you do. Bill Gates also says that if you were born in a poor family, then it is not your fault but If you die poor it's your fault, If you too want to be successful, then you should also think of Bill Gates and Elon Musk.
Because these days there is a successful one whose thinking is big.