Kaylen Ward, a 20-year-old model from Los Angeles, USA, has become a star named 'The Naked Philanthropist' overnight. She has raised over $1 million for the Australian wildfires through her nude photos.

We have heard about various activities for charity and fundraiser for a cause. But we have rarely seen the kind of fundraiser that Kaylen Ward has undertaken. This 20-year-old model requested her followers on her Instagram and Twitter pages contribute money for the victims of bushfire in Australia. The model promised to send her nude photos to the people, who donated at least $10 to the fundraisers for the cause.

Kaylen Ward wrote on January 4, "I'm sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to anyone of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia. Every $10 you donate = one nude picture from me to your DM. You must send me confirmation that you donated. Please RT #AustraliaOnFire #AustraliaFires."

Kaylen Ward
Kaylen WardTwitter

Within hours after she began the fundraiser, Kaylen Ward was flooded with a huge amount of donations. Her Instagram account was deactivated a day after she started it, but she continued to get a response. She wrote on January 5, "My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won't talk to me all because of that tweet. But fuck it, save the koalas."

Despite making efforts, Kaylen Ward could not get back her Instagram page and she sought the help of netizens for it. The model tweeted, "I'm being targeting by Instagram and they're not giving me my accounts back. Please can you all go report my accounts as missing... @ thenakedphilanthropist and @ nakedphilanthropist please make sure you use the correct spelling."

Kaylen Ward trolled, criticised

It was not just a raining of money for Kaylen Ward, who also faced a lot of criticism and trolling. But she kept defending her act and continued the fundraiser. She wrote, "And if you are participating in this.. ask yourself.. why are so many people trying so hard to bash a person who just did a good deed and got nothing from it? Does jealousy not cross your mind even in the slightest? I've done nothing wrong."

This 20-year-old never thought that she was risking her life through such an act. Kaylen Ward was shocked when some of the people, who collected nude photos from her started releasing them on the internet. She requested them not to leak her pictures without her consent, as it would affect her life.

Victims of Australia wildfires
Victims of Australia wildfiresCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

"If you leak someone's nudes then you obviously don't know how consent works so you're not better than, or probably are a rapist. LEARN CONSENT," she wrote adding, "I am a 20 year old girl. I am just one person. Think about how the shit you do affects me. Now think about millions of people doing things to me all at once. Leave me ALONE."

Some complained that she did this fundraiser for publicity. A few alleged that she was using the charity money for herself. In reply, she wrote, "For everyone saying I only did this to promote my only fans... y'all are insane. I raised over a million dollars, offered my product (my nude photos) for FREE and spent money and time sending that free product to thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people."

Kaylen Ward added, "I did not make a single dime from those donations. And if I want to promote MY only fans on MY platform I sure as fuck will. This was my platform before I raised the money and it will continue to be how I make money. I raised $1mil for Australia at the sake of my naked body being exposed on the internet to millions and millions of people. That's a scary feeling to be that vulnerable and exposed to the world. But I did it because I wanted to do something good."