Ebola, Nebraska Medical Center
The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.Reuters

The United States is planning to treat a surgeon, who has contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone.

Dr Martin Salia, a permanent resident of US and also a citizen of Sierra Leone, will be transported to the country on Saturday and will be treated at the Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha.

"This patient contracted the disease in Sierra Leone and recently tested positive for Ebola," said a statement released by the hospital, according to the Sun daily.

However, the hospital authorities said the whole plan depends upon the man's health condition: "OffIcial word on poss. Ebola patient - only coming here if stable enough for transport from Sierra Leone - Phoenix Air crew will determine," a tweet from the Nebraska Medicine read.

The Maryland resident was working at the Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, when he started exhibiting symptoms of the disease on 6 November.

Though, his initial test on Ebola was negative, a second test conducted on Monday came out positive, an Associated Press report said. The patient's wife, who is in Maryland, has already talked to the Nebraska State Health Department and CDC in this matter.

The country has already attended to nine Ebola cases, of which, one person succumbed to death.

The Nebraska Medical Centre, which is one of the four specialised bio-containment facilities in the US fully equipped to fight the disease, has cured two Ebola patients earlier - Dr Rick Sacra, a medical missionary from Massachusetts, who fell sick with Ebola in Liberia; and Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance cameraman of NBC News, who got the infection while working in Liberia.

Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while taking care of Thomas Eric Duncan, was cured after she was transported to the specialised unit of The National Institutes of Health Facility in Maryland.

Similarly, the second nurse who contracted Ebola from Duncan, Amber Vinson, tested negative after she was treated at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The fourth specialised facility is the St Patrick Hospital in Montana.