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It was around a year back that the United States President Donald Trump talked about the vitality of launching a space force. After the milestone announcement, conspiracy theorists outlandishly started arguing that the president had ordered the Air Force to launch this new military wing to combat a future alien invasion. These alien mongers are up in arms again after they spotted a seemingly triangular object near the International Space Station.

Video of this mysterious event, which was actually spotted by a man named Scott M, was uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel MrMBB333. The newly emerged clip shows a triangular UFO hovering very near the ISS cameras.

"This is not a reflection, in fact, this object over here as you'll see reflects light itself. It seems to be some sort of large triangular craft. You'll see when I zoom in and put it in slow motion, you're going to see light reflecting off it and it glistens. It's teetering back and forth from left to right," Daily Star quoted the conspiracy theorist as saying.

The conspiracy theorist added that this video has three distinctive edges which substantiate its triangular shape.

The video uploaded by MrMBB333 has already gone viral on online spaces and conspiracy theorists have started arguing that Donald Trump's space force is operational in the space. As per these conspiracy theorists, Donald Trump's space force was launched without the knowledge of other world powers like China, Russia and India.

In the meantime, a section of alien enthusiasts has started claiming that the triangular UFO could be actually an alien mothership that has reached the solar system from outer space. As per these alien believers, these advanced extraterrestrials are maintaining regular contact with astronauts aboard the ISS and space agencies like NASA are aware of their existence.