Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners, who refused to part with the device, could be in for trouble. Their prized handset could turn worthless and be able to use after a few days as the company is reportedly planning to kill it once and for all in the United States.

The South Korean technology giant has reportedly sent out an alert to at least one Galaxy Note 7 owner on US Cellular, saying that the device will no longer work as it will modify the software to prevent charging starting December 15, according to The Verge.

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There is no information whether the device will be disabled across major carriers in the US, but if we are to go by the company's past tradition, the update should come to all the carriers.

The move came after Samsung restricted the Galaxy Note 7 from charging beyond 60 percent through a software update.

Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 device in October before completely stopping its sales and production following complaints of the device catching fire. The company confirmed that faulty battery could have caused explosion. It gave the costumers to either opt for an exchange with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge or a full refund before December 3 but reports have claimed that thousands of them are still using it.

This is despite several airlines prohibiting the passengers from taking the device inside the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration, a national organisation that sets regulations for airports and airlines in the US, has even announced that carrying the device on board a plane would be regarded as a criminal act, and offenders could be fined up to $179,933 or sentenced up to 10 years imprisonment.

[Source: The Verge]