Samsung Galaxy S7 deal: Pay for one and get two
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Representational picture)Samsung

In what could cause an irreparable damage to Samsung's brand image, a Galaxy S7 user has claimed that he suffered severe burns to his hands after his smartphone exploded. The Winnipegger bought the device a few months ago.

The news of Galaxy S7 explosion came close on the heels of the controversy around the Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled from the market across the globe due to faulty battery.

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Amarjit Mann, 34, told Winnipeg Sun that his Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded while he was driving on Arlington Street.

"I took it out and had it in my hands and it exploded right away," Mann told the daily in an interview at Seven Oaks Hospital. "When you see smoke, I was shocked. You cannot expect this thing. It was like a nightmare."

The phone exploded like firecrackers, causing third-degree burns to his hands, and one of the sparks hit his cheek. He said would file a lawsuit against the company for the pain that the explosion has caused.

"Imagine if the phone was (at my ear); my whole face would've burnt," he said. He went on to say that "People need to be aware of this. It's like a bomb you can carry."

He has been told by his carrier to contact Samsung for the incident. He had bought the smartphone about six months ago for $1,000.

The South Korean technology giant will be hit hard if the report of Galaxy S7 explosion turns true as it has incurred a huge loss from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. The company has given its consumers the option to exchange the Galaxy Note 7 with the Galaxy S7, and many seemed to have opted for it.

[Source: Winnipeg Sun]