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We have heard enough of Samsung's ambitious device, the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire due to a faulty battery, and it was eventually recalled from the market. Now, Apple's iPhone 7 is in news for all the wrong reasons, and it has reportedly exploded while charging.

A pregnant woman from Western Sydney named Melanie Tan Pelaez has claimed in a Facebook post that she suffered a second degree burn caused by her iPhone 7. She wrote that she fell asleep while watching a movie from her smartphone even as it was plugged into the charger. She realised something had gone wrong with her arm when she woke up in the morning.

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"I recently purchased an #Apple #iPhone7 and accidentally fell asleep with my arm on my phone whilst it was charging. I was woken up by sudden pain, pins and needles, numbness and shortness of breath," she wrote on her Facebook page.

She posted a picture of her burnt arm and cautioned iPhone users to be careful of the device.

She told that she went to the hospital on realising that her arm had turned red. She was told a foreign object might have caused the burn and asked to check around her bed. It was found out that the markings on her arm matched the iPhone and the charger. She has been to the emergency room twice and has to meet a plastic surgeon.

"I then got a call from a member of the executive team who told me they were now handling the matter and had sent the phone to a senior technician in California for testing," Melanie Tan Pelaez told

"Apple seems to think the phone isn't to blame as it is designed to shut down, but my injury shows this isn't the case. I'm just lucky because it could have been a lot worse," she added. "I just want to create awareness to show people how careful you have to be."

The victim said that Apple has offered a new iPhone 7 but she has declined the offer.