A gunman opened fire and killed three people in a shooting spree in Kansas before he was shot dead by authorities Thursday. At least 14 other people were injured in the latest shooting incident in the United States. 

The shooter, identified by local media as Cedric Ford, had opened fire from his car at three locations in two towns in Kansas before he entered a manufacturing plant and killed three people, according to Reuters. He was reportedly an employee at the Excel plant. 

The gunman began his shooting spree in the town of Newton in Kansas, shooting a man in a truck, and also opened fire on a street before reaching the Excel Industries in Hesston.

"The shooter has been shot and killed. He's an Excel employee. Authorities killed him," Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton told the media. 

"This is just a horrible incident that happened here. There's going to be a lot of sad people before this is all over," he said. 

The motive behind the shooting is not yet clear. An official release, cited by The Associated Press, described the weapon as an "assault-style long gun."

The shooting comes weeks after US President Barack Obama announced executive actions to bring about stricter gun control citing several mass shootings in the country.