Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton has not yet indicated if she will challenge the election resultsReuters

Hillary Clinton supporters take heart as the Democrat could still be the United States President. Reports state that a group of lawyers and renowned computer scientists have urged Clinton to demand a recount of votes in at least three battleground states in which she lost, citing that the results in those areas were probably rigged.

Voting rights lawyer John Bonifaz and Director of the University of Michigan's centre for computer security and society have said that they have sufficient evidence that election results in three key states may have been hacked. 

Reports state that the group of activists and lawyers are not publicly announcing the rigging, but have urged Clinton to challenge the election results and demand a recount of votes in three major states which she lost on the election day, November 8, according to New York Magazine.

Clinton lost Wisconsin by 27,000 votes and received 7 percent fewer electoral votes in certain counties, which depended on electronic voting machines, in comparison to the counties which had optical scanners and paper ballots; as a consequence, the Democratic presidential candidate may have lost around 30,000 votes. 

The group of scientists and activists have already talked to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias and have put their case forward of a possible hack in the election results. The scientists have said that although they have not found a conclusive evidence of the rigging, the pattern of their results is strong enough to ask for an independent review.

Hillary Clinton, however, has not yet indicated if she will challenge the election results. There is a deadline to demand a recount of votes in the three states which will run out by next Wednesday.

Republican Party's presidential candidate Donald Trump was declared the US elections winner on Nov 8; Trump won 290 electoral college votes compared to Clinton's 232 votes.

The vote count in Michigan has still not been called as the results were very close, however, reports state that the state will be given to the Republican side. In order to win the electoral college, Clinton would be required to win Michigan and overturn the results in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where she lost.

Democrat Clinton has, however, won the popular votes in the US presidential election.