The suspected Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6th carried out the siege thinking that it's part of some bigger calling to save America. But little did they think of the repercussion that would ensue much less than the government agencies would actually identify them from the videos and pictures from the scene and put them on the no-fly list for their escapade. But, this is how the reality is turning out to be for over 120 rioters who stormed Capitol on the provocation by President Donald Trump.

Capitol Hill attack
Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday during a joint session of Congress in Washington, D.CReuters

Unruly Trump supporters put on No-Fly List

On Sunday, as some passengers went to airports to take flights to Washington DC, they were in for a rude shock when informed about being barred and put on the no-fly list in the follow-up of the Capitol Hill attack.

Visuals of Trump supporters crying for not being allowed to board flights flooded the internet all through the day. Unsurprisingly, the visuals were accompanied by hilarious memes and reactions from people enjoying their chilly day inside their homes.

FBI issues search warrants for rioters

As part of precautionary measures, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in coordination with the FBI, has issued a no-fly list for suspected people who partake in the attack on the US Capitol. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are working round the clock to track down the perpetrators and have launched a search warrant for those who have been identified.


Various flight attendant unions requested TSA to take precautionary measures against domestic terrorism after politically-motivated disturbances erupted onboard Delta Airlines and American airlines.

TSA, in its statement, said that such incidents endangers the safety of all passengers and crew aboard the plane, and thus mandates strict measures against unruly passengers.

Attack on US Capitol

The protests at the US Capitol broke out after Trump spent weeks alleging voter fraud in the November election. In a tweet on December 20, he urged his supporters to rally in Washington. He tweeted: "Big protests in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild."

It was the same day the Congress secluded to certify electoral college results and declare Democratic candidate Joe Biden the next president of the US.

Ever since the election result was announced, Trump had refused to acknowledge the result. However, after the Capitol Hill attack and all-round criticism, he has agreed to transfer the power peacefully on January 20th, 2021.

Twitter has permanently banned President Trump's account on the ground of flouting the platform's rules.