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US-based IT company DXC Technology will hire 10,000 people in India for digital operations this year to catch up with the growing demand while competing in the market.

The company, which has its headquarter in Virginia, US, was founded in 2017 after CSC  merged with the enterprise services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Around 45,000 Indian employees comprise nearly 40 per cent of the total 1.30 lakh global employee strength. 

"We continue to hire in India. We will probably hire more than 10,000 in India this year (FY20) with a very strong focus on digital skills," global head of delivery and operations, Samson David told the Economic Times.

The company had previously stated that the inability to hire employees had cost the company nearly $100 million in revenue last year. Issues such as less talent base in developed countries such as the US have led to expanding its offshore base in India. 

"We saw delays in the ramp-up of a few large digital contracts. And while we continue to see strong market demand for our digital solutions, it is taking us longer than expected to bring on resources to support the digital growth," CEO John Michael Lawrie said.

The company is also looking to enhance its digital talent and build its capabilities in emerging technology, which according to Lawrie, have been seeing growth challenges.

DXC conducts a digital nativity test in order to get people with relevant skills. It would also hire 1,500 of the 10,000 from the campuses, he added.

The company stated that India has played a pivotal role in contributing to the overall digital transformations and has made DXC's global leaders operate from India. "Centres of excellence (in emerging tech) for the global markets are powered out of here (India). A lot of the labs are here and get embedded in the global offerings," David said.

The company has cut back its traditional tech services workforce as the focus shifted to hiring people with digital skills.

According to analysts, the company's focus on capability building in India is based on the cost reduction approach, which benefits the company due to the comparatively less labour cost in India

The company has downsized its workforce ever since the merger in 2017 to achieve faster transition to digital.DXC has cut jobs on the traditional tech services roles as it looks to get more people with digital skills.Analysts said the company is primarily focusing on a combination of capability building and cost reduction and in that context hiring in India makes sense.