Employee productivity seminar by Chestnut Global partners
Employee productivity seminar by Chestnut Global partnersChestnut Global Partners

Bloomington-based Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), a provider of Employee Assistance Programs, announced a tie-up with Bangalore's Leader Prospects last week.

Leader Prospects will henceforth act as the Indian arm of Chestnut Global Partners in Bangalore.

Employee Assistant Program (EAP) helps employees deal with their personal problems that might indirectly impact a company's performance.

India is in the early stage of adopting systematic and scientifically proven methods to alleviate performances of employees, said Mr. Russ Hagen, CEO of Chestnut Global Partners.

"Leader Prospects works with companies in promoting and sustaining leadership and implementing vibrant, team-oriented cultures that put them in position to be successful. We look forward to working with their team in supporting their clients during this difficult and critical period of social and cultural transition," Hagen added.

Leader Prospects Managing Partner, Nobby Nazareth, said that in the current scenario many people migrate to other cities for jobs, leaving their families and need a support system for better performance.

"Managing stress and counterproductive behaviour is really critical. Our goal was to partner with a global player that could adapt their services to Indian culture, which is precisely what CGP does so well, in addition to bringing time-tested products and outcome-based therapeutic approaches," Nazareth said in the company's press release.

"Working with CGP gives us a significant advantage in the market. We expect CGPI to emerge as a market leader in India in this specialized field really soon," he added.

CGP-India will provide assistance to help promote performance of employees besides reducing absenteeism.