In the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, the United States (US) on March 27 announced $174 million financial assistance to around 64 nations including $2.9 million to India.

This is in addition to the $100 million aid announced by America in February.

Coronavirus Status in India
This is in addition to the $100 million aid announced by America in February.

The recently announced assistance is part of a larger American global response package across several departments and agencies, including the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The funding is for 64 of the most at-risk nations facing the threat of the worldwide pandemic.

To help the government of India in preparing laboratory systems, activate case finding and event-based surveillance, and support technical experts for response and preparedness, and more, the US State Department said it is providing $2.9 million aid.

"This builds upon the foundation of more than $1.4 billion in health assistance out of the more than $2.8 billion in US assistance for India over the last 20 years," the State Department stated.

According to United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick, the new assistance builds on the U' record of global health leadership.

"For decades, the United States has been the world''s largest provider of bilateral assistance in public health. The US has saved lives, protected people who are most vulnerable to disease, built health institutions, and promoted the stability of communities and nations," he told reporters.

In South Asia, the State Department is providing $1 million in health funding to help it strengthen monitoring and better prepare communities to identify potential outbreaks.

To bolster its national COVID-19 action plan, the United States has also redirected more than $1 million in existing funding for training of healthcare providers and other urgent needs.

It is providing $1.3 million to Sri Lanka, $1.8 million to Nepal, $3.4 million to Bangladesh and $5 million to Afghanistan to help them fight the pandemic.

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