Did Boney Kapoor slap Urvashi Rautela's butt? Actress reacts to viral video
Boney Kapoor slap Urvashi Rautela's buttYouTube

In April, a video of Boney Kapoor slapping Urvashi Rautela's butt at Jayantilal Gada's son's wedding reception had raised many questions about the said incident. Boney, undoubtedly, got mercilessly trolled for touching the Hate Story 4 actress inappropriately. However, Urvashi immediately came out in support of the filmmaker and had slammed those who trained their guns at the veteran producer in a Twitter post. And now after almost 5 months, Urvashi has opened up about the incident to let people know what had transpired between her and Boney Kapoor.

The video of Boney Kapoor grinning while 'inappropriately touching' Urvashi Rautela went viral on Instagram and YouTube in no time. And there was no reaction to the viral video from Boney Kapoor till date. But Urvashi has stressed that none of it had happened the way people saw in the video.

"It was blown out of proportion. Everywhere, the video went viral overnight. But there was nothing like that. I was supposed to work on a film which is doing it with superstar Ajith. It was a Tamil film which I couldn't do because of my movie dates. So I knew him already. But because I couldn't do movie with him, that doesn't mean I don't have a relationship with him," Urvashi Rautela told Bollywood Hungama when she was asked to recall any funny thing or rumour that she had heard about herself.

The video clearly showed Boney Kapoor slapping her butt, but it looks like Urvashi saw it as a goodwill gesture from the producer.

She continued, "So, it was a great gesture. I was entering at the party, he was also there and the person who was getting married was also there. So we were just clicking picture. And I don't know if the photography or the angle, the way they captured, it was so weird. So then it went to become such a big thing. My phone was ringing non-stop for 7 days. So I think it was blown out of proportion."

When she was asked if she had spoken to Boney Kapoor after the video went viral, Urvashi said, "I spoke to Boney ji and when people talk about these things when they don't know about what exactly happened between the two of us. He didn't what to say. So I am sure it was awkward for him."

As they say, 'all's well that ends well'.