Upendra's directorial comeback movie "Uppi 2" has opened to positive reviews from the audience. They are impressed by his brilliant acting and storyline. 

Photos: 'Uppi 2' Craze at its Peak | Official 'Uppi 2' Review

"Uppi 2", which is a sequel to the director-turned-actor's psychological thriller "Upendra", is not bold in content compared to its first instalment. However, the film is packed with too much of twists and turns. The momentary lapse of concentration might create difficulties in understanding the plots. 

 "Upendra" featured Raveen Tandon, Prema and Damini in the female lead roles. In the latest version, Kristina Akheeva has played the female lead and Parul Yadav will be seen in exended guest role.

The audience have given thumbs up for "Uppi 2". They have heaped praises on the director's screenplay. Though the film turns preachy at parts, the storyline manages to hold the attention of cine-goers with occasional surprises. Below, we bring you the live audience response to the film:

@realupendra @ipriyanka_Up @Sandalwoodnews @UpendraFanClub watching #uppi2 in #Srinivasa_theatre
@realupendra yen guru.. Start.. Super.. #uppi2
@realupendra entry ne exit thara ayte.. Yentha strt guru.. Awsmmm
@realupendra @AkheevaKristina #Uppi2 Good comedy.. By uppi sir tennis krishna
@realupendra @AkheevaKristina @UpendraFanClub #Uppi2 evan yaaru different Nyc songs.. Wid clean choreography..
@realupendra @AkheevaKristina @UpendraFanClub #Uppi2 shhhh movie dialogue repeats.. By bank janardhan sir
@realupendra @AkheevaKristina @UpendraFanClub #Uppi2 No excuse me.. Please.. Yen costume guru.. Superrbbbbbb
@realupendra @AkheevaKristina @UpendraFanClub #Uppi2 teaser ends wid interval.. 1st half Good & pshyc waiting fa 2nd half

Balajeesh Posted
.@realupendra has conveyed the concept that if u r not in "NOW here" then u r "NO where" #Uppi2
.@uppi2unknown hats off to @realupendra for the writer in him..how can a person script this concept & being it in screen?..wow!! #Uppi2

Praveena Kumara D Posted
Watching #Uppi2 .. First half is awesome .. @we_nayaka

Goodman Wrote
#Uppi2 - psychologically very much engaging movie so far
#uppi2 - clumpsy ..lousy screenplay in second half..Upendra was more intense than this Uppi2
#uppi2 - both naanu neenu characters. Coming in gaps.need to see if they are single or double
#uppi2 - some old Upendra movie scenes giving goosebumps..some double meaning dialogues adding spice
#uppi2 - lot of mind blogging scenes ..till climax we may not understand what is happening
#uppi2 - beku beku song rocking in himalayas
uppi2 - with very good first half and average second half very very clumpsy screenplay ..over all its just good movie ..3.33333/5
#uppi2 - Neenu role was rocking .Naanu role was not as intense as NAanu in 1999 UPENDRA movie

S Shyam Prasad Posted
#Uppi2 interval. expectedly disjointed. More pop philosophy less entertainment.

NiShu Posted
#Uppi2 ! A paiSa vasOol entertainment!
a perfeCt treat fr #Upendra fans m/
My ratinGs : 3.5/5

Muhammad Adhil ‏Posted
Complexity is fine.But it is of no use when you keep the audience away. #Uppi2 lies here.A gud1st haf anf a disappointing 2nd haf #Upendra2

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

Supreeth Kumar Wrote
Expected #Uppi2 to be different and it turned out to be even more different..!!!
What a mind blowing Screenplay by Uppi!
#superb #directors

Abhishek Chethan Tweeted
@realupendra min. 3-4 times nodbeku to understand! Neenu unknown.. Our reactionu kuda unknown! Classic Uppi movie.. #uppi2

Sagar RH Wrote
#Uppi2 first scene last scene thara ide. What a start @realupendra #Upendra2 #Uppi2On14Aug

Tejas Wrote
Full reverse screenplay #Uppi2

NamCinema.com Posted
Gripping screenplay with captivating philosophical dialogues presented with vintage uppi touch . Building up well to the main plot. #Uppi2

Pragath Bheemaiah Wrote
So #Uppi2 1st half is all about Naanu amd not Neenu.
Upendra - ChaLigaala, maLegaala, besige kaala.
Uppi 2 - Bhoota kaala, vartamaana kaala, bhavishyat kaala.

Kiran SVS Wrote
#uppi2 rolling titles at the beginning of film. !!! Upendra rocks.

Abhay Shekar Posted
@realupendra #Uppi2 ..thank u for entertaining us and made us think the whole movie..,

Bhanu Gowda Tweeted
Am clueless abt #UPPI2,i din undrstnd anythng,wanna watch one mo tym...
E #NEENU OK, #naanu ok, e #OUNU yaru, itseems may b #UPENDRA3

Alan Vijay Posted
Watched #Uppi2. Thala suthudu.

#Uppi2/#U2/#Buguri Posted
#Uppi2 first half report:Typical Masterpiece of India @realupendra flick
In interval total audi whistled & discussing abt 2nd half

Akhilesh Tweeted
#Uppi2 leaving audience dumbstruck. A movie wherein confusion is happiness.

Sumangowda max Post
No past no future only present that stands tall and that's Al that matters.. @realupendra nimma talege ondu doda namaskara

Kis bobn Wrote
How can @realupendra think out of the box.... Mind blowing movie, must movie to all.. #Uppi2 #Uppi2On14Aug @ipriyanka_Up

G. S. Satish Kumar Tweeted
.@realupendra Uppi sir, After watching #Uppi2 my Only Question to u is - are u gonna make #Uppi3 to show how naanu became undercover agent?
Kiran SVS Wrote#uppi2 oh my gosh this guy should be a vivid reader/follower of philosophy. Xtrmly powerful writing.

Spikemeister Sandeep Wrote
@teekayfan #Uppi2 confused! Some good nostalgiac scenes n he has tried differen things! Idk it's difficult to review sir! I'll give 3.5/5 :x

OnlySandalwood Posted
#Uppi2 @realupendra's narration will make you to glue into your seats with hands on your end till the last minute.
#Uppi2 will teach you philosophy in humorous way & psychology in typical Uppi style parallely @realupendra

Achyut Tweeted
#uppi2.. Brutal brilliant film making.. Hats off @realupendra