Unpredictability in screenplays was the watchword in the films directed by Upendra. Twists and turns were key elements through which he drew people's attention.

In his latest film "Uppi 2", Upendra has treaded on a similar path. But to what extent has he succeeded in impressing the audience? Read on to know.

"Uppi 2", which is the sequel to the Real Star's "Upendra", starts off on an impressive note where the end cards roll in the beginning! We are introduced to a man named Neenu, which means "you" in Kannada, played by Upendra, whose mantra for happiness is to live in the present and not to worry about past or future.

Situations are created to show how his mantra can bring positive results. Simultaneously, there are people who want to hunt him down. The story takes a major twist before the interval and this spices up the story.

Upendra displays his trademark writing skills of creating confusions in the minds of audience in the second half. The climax portions might be most difficult part to digest for many as it is left to their understanding and point of view.

The movie is loaded with famous anecdotes and philosophical messages. For a change, the entertainment part takes a backseat in this Uppi flick. The director's attempt to entertain while sending across a good message is not convincing.

Performance wise, Upendra steals the show. His expressions for character Neenu shows the effort put by him on writing his character and on being it. Kristina Akheeva has a lengthy role and looks colourful. Parul Yadav is quite glamorous in her extended guest appearance. Bank Janardhan and Biradar's characters are inspired by Uppi's earlier film "Shh".

Technically, Gurukiran's two songs are good; Ashok Cashyap's cinematography and Sri's editing are average.

Rating: 3

Verdict: "Uppi 2", which is a pun on Karnataka's popular dish "uppitu", is a delicious food but difficult to digest!