Kannada actor Upendra, putting an end to all the speculations, officially quit the Karnataka Prajavantha Janatha Party (KPJP) on Tuesday. He announced to float a new party named 'Prajakeeya'.

Upendra launched the KPJP in October 2017 and has been its president. But in a dramatic development, Mahesh Gowda, the general secretary of the party, on Monday, made a series of allegations against him. Calling him a dictator, Gowda alleged that the actor was selecting the MLA candidates without consulting others in the party.

Talking to media, Upendra denied all the allegations made by Mahesh Gowda. Instead, the actor alleged that Gowda was busy confusing the people in the party by taking arbitrary decisions. He tried to meet him and clear the differences, but the latter did not come for the talks.

Upendra held a meeting with the members of the KPJP in Ruppi's resort near Ramohalli on the outskirts of Bengaluru on Tuesday. He walked out of the meeting hall after the talks failed. Later he announced his decision. "I have resigned for all the posts of KPJP. I will form a new political party along with the people who support my agenda," Deccan Herald quoted Uppi as saying.

However, it was rumored that Upendra would join the BJP after quitting the KPJP. But the actor had denied the reports, saying, "I don't want Raajakiya (politics) and I am not going to leave Prajaakiya."

Upendra further said that he would discuss with the 150 MLAs before making his next move on Tuesday. He took to Twitter to share the news with his followers. The actor tweeted, "The real results between prajaakeeya and Raajakeeya will reveal on 6th of this month. Wait and watch. Upendra"