Upendra Matte Baa
Upendra Matte Baa.PR Handout

N Arun Lokanath, who directed Upendra''s critically-acclaimed H20, is collaborating with the actor again after a gap of 15 years. The movie is titled Upendra Matte Baa. 

The film will also witness the return of actress Prema to the tinsel world after seven years. She is reuniting with the Real Star with whom she had earlier worked in superhit film Upendra.

Sruthi Hariharan plays one of the female leads in the film, while Sai Kumar, Sadhu Kokila, Vasishta Simha and others will be seen in supporting roles.

Sridhar V Sambhram has composed the music and two songs that include Premave have struck the chords with the viewers. Swami J has handled the cinematography and Mohan B Bere is the editor.  

Upendra Matte Baa is a remake of hit Telugu movie Soggade Chinni Nayana. It is a supernatural drama in which Upendra appears in two roles, as father and son.

The hero and heroine decide to end their relationship with a divorce and the worried mother (Prema) of the groom invokes her dead husband out of frustration, to solve the problems. Surprisingly, lord Yama gives him the permission to return to earth for a limited period. What follows is the best part of the story.

The trailer has spiked the interest of the viewers. Will it live up to their expectations? Find it in their words below:

Priyanka: Real Star Upendra has let down his fans big time. #UpendraMatheBaa. The film has nothing to offer even to an average viewer.
Wondering how #Upendra opted for the film at the first place.

Shashi Prasad SM: I never ever thought a day will come where I will #walk away in the middle of a #Kannada #movie starring @nimmaupendra #pathetic #UpendraMatteBaa
It's a remake, one can watch it on social media or read it on wikipedia ;) I watch it like a common man, who most of the time walk away if they don't like it. Case closed

S Shyam Prasad: Interval Even Andhra caste surname is retained. So much for a remake. Slower than a serial. #UpendraMatteBaa
#UpendraMatteBaa Going from bad to worse